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I have missed World of Warcraft so much. I haven’t played any PC games for a whole year, because the TLYW Year of Console Gaming began at exactly this time in 2016. I will do a separate post about that soon because we need to figure out how to complete the programme.

That’s obviously Santa on the left and on the right is my main character, a level 104 undead warrior who is 11 years old this Xmas, isn’t that amazing. I’m going to collect her Xmas presents now and then repeat the process for all of my alts, there are a lot. They are all Horde. Lok’tar Ogar!

warcraft xmas 2017

That’s better.  I forgot she had a Christmas jumper.

warcraft xmas jumper 2017

The Second Day of Xmas

Dinner at home. Food pictures nearly always look disgusting no matter how you photograph them. I had the same as yesterday except with chicken instead of fish cakes. Despite not being a photogenic meal, was delicious.


Movie. I watched David Brent: Life On The Road (2016). I had been waiting for ages to see this! It is a good movie if you are a fan of the Brent character. It’s not a very ambitious film and is just more of the same in the sense of Brent being awkward and making everyone feel uncomfortable but if you love Gervais/Brent then it is very funny. Brent forms a band composed of himself and some session musicians and they go on a self-funded ‘tour’ of 15 hotels and pubs in about a 10-mile radius of Slough. Then he goes back to his office job.


Social Life. Looks like I have a first date with an American boy tomorrow. I think he is a City banker. Thanks, internet! That took less than an hour to arrange.

General Interests. I managed to actually knit for an hour or so this evening, for the first time in about 2 years. I found a sweater that I was making. Maybe I can finish it.

Gaming. World of Warcraft. Right now. It’s still only 11.30pm.



Trifle / Tech

I slept for 3 days in the end, including until 5pm on Monday. Having lost 3 days out of a tight schedule, I’m now behind on everything. I am realising that I no longer have enough days to get everything done that I hoped to accomplish by Xmas. At the same time, I am determined not to give up on my dream of an at least somewhat clean and restful Xmas, so that’s why I’m cleaning my house at four in the morning. The odds are now very stacked against me getting everything done in time for my Xmas holiday.

It’s now early in the morning on Tuesday 13 December, which gives me 8 days to do the following, as you can see, the numbers don’t add up:

  • 4 days of commercial work for the demanding client
  • 5 rather full days of obligatory paperwork for the World’s Worst Company
  • tax return, needs another half a day
  • cleaning the house, there’s 3 months of neglect to clean up so a minimum of 1.5 days

That’s 11 days of Stuff and only 8 days to do it in. In the worst-case scenario, some of the WWC work runs over into Xmas but I would really like to avoid this, as you can probably imagine.

My PC is making a noise like a washing machine. I am talking to PC Specialist, it needs to go back to get repaired again. Preparedness! The new ROG laptop is here and is downloading 40gb of World of Warcraft while I am cleaning. So when my PC dies I have a go-to machine that is ready to use and will not ruin my Xmas gaming plans.

The Xbox is working. The Playstation is still in its box, I am waiting for one of my male friends to come over and assemble a stand with a monitor, etc, so that’s why I have to clean up as a matter of priority.

My printer is broken (how we love broken technology) but I have efficiently emailed a London based company about getting that repaired as well. So as long as the Playstation and the new monitor work, everything will be okay.

At least my scanner works, even if the printer doesn’t, so here’s some trifle. I don’t know why I bought this magazine as I don’t cook and don’t take much interest in food. To my knowledge, I’ve never bought a food magazine before. But look at that trifle on the front cover. It has profiteroles (the kind with cream but without chocolate), oranges, clementines, amaretti biscuits, and obviously vanilla custard and meringue. I absolutely LOVE trifle and now I’ve blown a load of money on buying the recipe, I suppose I’ll have to make it. The only part I’m not sure about is how I will get the top of the meringue to go brown but I dare say we can improvise something using the oven.


Warcraft: The Movie

I am so tired all the time. It’s already Saturday evening in London, so most of the weekend is gone, and all I’ve done since about 4.30 on Friday afternoon is sleep. I am really hoping that the work situation is going to ease up for a few weeks now so I can get some exercise and get my immune system a bit stronger because all I do outside of work is pass out.

ANYWAY, I departed the office on Thursday afternoon at about midday because they didn’t need me on site. I was knackered and functioning on about 4 hours of sleep as usual, so the thoughts on my mind as I trudged home were simply about how I could get through the afternoon, what emails I needed to send, etc, mental note to eat some protein.

Then I passed the cinema and the unmistakable World of Warcraft branding was front and centre on a big poster. Yea, for it had come to pass that the World of Warcraft movie had finally been released after being in production for about 10 years. I could have gone home and sent emails but it was a no brainer. I bought a ticket and saw the film. It was the first actual leisure time I’ve had for weeks if you don’t count lying down with a migraine.

It was two hours of awesome and I cannot wait for it to go on sale because apparently the director’s cut has a further 40 minutes of content.

It had very mixed reviews from the critics because it is not going to make that much sense if you are not familiar with the game (probably from years of play, there aren’t many new Warcrafters around these days). You need to be able to understand the geography (Stormwind, Ironforge, Elwynn Forest), the game lore (fel magic, the Kirin Tor, the Dark Portal) and the characters (Durotan, Draka, Gul’dan), otherwise it is a lot to take in just for the sake of some gigantic battle scenes.

If you are familiar with the game, it is really exciting! The game world is transferred to the big screen with astonishing beauty and you will get excited by the spectacular landscapes that you know so well being brought to life, not to mention important details like murlocs under a bridge. Gul’dan looks amazing and the CGI is used to its best possible effect. Just beautiful.

The story concerns the early years of Azeroth’s history when large numbers of orcs break through the Dark Portal. As a result, my one and only disappointment was that, because of the historical point of the film, no major Horde settlements have been built yet. I play Horde (obviously) and I would have died of joy to see big-screen CGI representations of Horde cities, especially Thunder Bluff, who can question its architectural splendour. I also wanted to see much more of the interior of Ironforge and of course the Blood Elf and Night Elf territories because they are sooooo pretty.

PLEASE MAKE SEQUELS. How many Harry Potter films did they make? About 8 or 9? That’s how many we need.

Somewhat of a celebration.

I still have a huge pile of work on my desk. A lot of tasks to get through and things that people are waiting for. At least I’ve dispatched most of the That Company paperwork now, there are only one or two minor bits of admin outstanding.

I felt I should celebrate signing the deal, but I was not sure how. So I ordered two books from Amazon that I will have to read for work and reinstated my World of Warcraft account. LOL, this is how boring I am. I haven’t played for three months. I certainly don’t have the time or money right now to go on holiday, so I will go and ride my horse for an hour on the beaches of Tanaris and maybe kill a few things.

I went to the gym and the bloody pool was closed because they are doing weeks of refurbishment. I will have to start doing treadmill and weight training again.


Kool and the Gang: Celebration (1981)

Hooray, it’s the weekend.

This is the first time in about three weeks that I haven’t had to work at the weekend. Yay! Feels great. My house is trashed and I will have to spend tomorrow thoroughly cleaning the place up. In the meantime, I am playing World of Warcraft with abandon.

Leroy: has gone quiet, I gained the impression he was dealing with some shit but I still would prefer to be kept in the loop so that I can plan my diary. Nil points.

Head Honcho: Tut. He is the most single-minded person I’ve ever met. All he wants to talk about now is how soon we can meet. Forgive me for not being over enthusiastic when you kept me waiting for 3 years. We are negotiating and doing our best not to argue, as per usual, interspersed with some skilled arguing.

Let’s have a tune. It’s about time. I love hip-hop, and I love that man. Anything that makes me dance has to be on some level a good thing, right?

Kid Frost: La Raza

Time to stop playing video games and tidy up.

I’ve had a very good couple of days for video gaming. I’ve managed to spend some time in World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor, in which the two most senior of my 11 characters have made a start on growing their garrisons.

I’ve made some progress in Bioshock Infinite and have got as far as rescuing Elizabeth. Now we just have to fight our way out of the city.

I’ve played a bit of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, which became a lot easier when I discovered the auto lock feature, for easy shooting.

Yesterday I played a little bit of Dead Island on the Xbox, which was almost too scary. I also played a couple of hours of South Park: The Stick of Truth, which is quite good fun, certainly less terrifying than Dead Island. Last night I went back to my PC and started a new character in The Secret World, a game which I made a start on and then lost touch with a few years ago.

Games that I still haven’t tackled that will have to wait: Metro 2033, Alien Isolation, Dark Souls, GTA V, Halo 4, Dragon Age 2 and many more. I also didn’t revisit The Sims 3 or Skyrim, what with so many new games to attend to.

It’s been a fabulously entertaining couple of days and gaming was most definitely one of the things I wanted a lot of over this Christmas holiday, but now I need to stop gaming and eating chocolate and do something about my surroundings, because it is Friday already and I’m back at work on Monday.

I’m doing some annual reviewing of the dozens of knitting projects that are strewn about the house, I realise this will lead not only to updated records, which is good, but also to large numbers of neatly labelled project boxes suddenly appearing in the living room. I am thinking what I should do is take down and crate up the Christmas tree at the same time as tidying up the knitting, then the tree components can go in the spare room and I will have space in the living room for the newly organised craft stuff.

Good to see my organisational skills coming back. I did wonder for a while there whether I was going to get out of my chair.