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Things are proceeding fairly well chez Gloria. I am being responsible and taking charge of some things.

I joyfully reunited with my hot periodontist who rebuilt one side of my face five years ago. I was so pleased to see him. He is much more pro-active than my other dentist and we really like each other. We had a workman-like discussion about what to do with the other side of my face. I feel no fear as I am a battle-hardened warrior now where dentistry is concerned. He is going to do about three episodes of gum cleaning to reduce the size of my pockets and then we are going to see about doing another sinus lift and putting in two more titanium implants. I had six last time, on the right side, so two on the left side does not make me break a sweat. It makes me laugh to think of how phobic I used to be of the dentist. The way I talk to him now, it is like getting the car serviced or building an extension on the house.

I gained a bunch of weight this month for no obvious reason, which I am v unhappy about, but I am dealing with it responsibly by cutting back on my food intake, esp carbs, and exercising every day (mix of outdoor walking, swimming and treadmill). If that doesn’t take care of it pretty rapidly, I will increase the amount of exercise until it starts working. In 2013 I used to go out for walks of 17km on a near daily basis and spare fat does not stand much of a chance against that kind of regime. So I am working back up to that.

I spent 90 minutes cleaning the kitchen today, which means I can cook, because while I am dieting I am also in the mood for thinking about meal planning and food preparation. I’ve just bought a fondue set, having wanted one my whole life and so I will soon make fondue with broccoli and cauliflower to dip in the cheese instead of bread. V excited.

On top of all this, I managed to finish a book, I’ve just read Every Day Is Mother’s Day, the first novel of Hilary Mantel (1985). It was very well-written and frequently funny but also rather dark and depressing so I shall not drag you through a long review. It was like shopping in a particularly bleak and wet corner of Britain on early-closing day.

I could collect a bunch of achievement points for all this but it wasn’t a huge effort so I shall wait until I’ve done something that required more effort, such as filling out paperwork for the mortgage and pensions guy.

You would hardly know it was the weekend.

I have been working all day and I am not done yet. Here are a couple of things to cheer us along.

A photo from my walk to the office. They have a very British sense of humour at that park. Don’t tell me those flowers were planted there by accident.

golden showers

And now, some deep, rootsy reggae because we might as well have Church while I happen to think of it.

Scratchylus feat. Kiddus I & Inna de Yard: Reset the Mindset 


It’s been two weeks, or something like that.

Sorry to be so quiet, everyone. My new life is kicking my newly muscular ass.

  • Loving my work.
  • Am working day and night, around the clock. Still loving it.
  • My house is an absolute tip, it is all I can do to stay in control of the laundry.
  • I appear to be regaining weight but I am not panicking because:
  • I am walking for miles every day and climbing ridiculous amounts of stairs, and
  • I don’t have time to eat, and
  • I can see and feel that I already have slabs of solid muscle in my legs and bum.

My sole ambition is to get sufficiently on top of my work that I can start going to the gym again because I don’t want muscly legs paired with flabby arms, also I like being able to fit into (some of) my clothes and want to shed more fat.

That’s all. It’s Friday night and I’ve been at work for 12 hours. I feel like giving myself two or three hours off and playing a video game because I really can’t concentrate any more.

See you next time.

End of the first week.

I still love my new job.

It is becoming more demanding by the minute, if not the second, and I am still smiling, actually I am beaming, I am awash with serotonin and I love everybody and everything on sight.

I am sure it is helped by the fact that I am getting an average of 90 minutes brisk walking every day as well, to and from work. So obviously I arrive like a chirpy, rosy-cheeked motherfucker and then I get more exercise on the way home as well. It’s great. My diet still needs attention but I am certainly not over-eating because I am way too busy to snack and anyway I’m in meetings all the time.

I feel slimmer. The muscles in my arse are aching, which is a very good sign and I know from experience that I will develop muscles in my legs and bum almost immediately if I walk outdoors every day. I also think I am slightly less rounded in the midsection than I was at the start of this week. Very slightly. Also that I lost a small amount of fat off my face. So that’s good. I am incredibly excited to think of all my clothes I am probably quite near to being able to fit into. Within a few weeks or a couple of months.

Well, that’s it. I have a huge amount of work to do because this is not my only income stream and my weekend is going to be full of other kinds of work, but it is all good, it is all for a purpose, and that purpose is The Life You Want. Keep reaching for that rainbow, readers.

And now for a tune. Looks like TLYW Dance Time might be back in session. Get up and dance, look what a treat I picked out for you.

EMF: Unbelievable (1990)


It is Day 2 of my new career.

It is a culture shock, like I knew it would be.

It is fun. They are nice people. I am as cheerful as all get-out and I laugh a lot and people are responding warmly to that and telling me that I am going to have an easy time with their clients.

By local standards I am unnaturally ambitious, which is why they hired me, at the same time this means I am a bossy cow. I am happy to report that I have refrained from telling my boss or anyone senior to me how to do their job for two whole days. Probably we will even make it to the end of this week.

Health: this is great. Go to bed early, get up early. The amount of walking! The journey to and from work involves a bare minimum of 60 minutes of brisk walking and then when you include going out at lunchtime and walking all over several large buildings, I’m walking for up to 2 hours a day. Which is bloody great. I am going to start doing weekly weigh-ins again to monitor the effect on my bloated physique.

This is a big chunk of my daily walk to and from work.

fountain 2

Isn’t that lovely. There’s quite a lot of nice architecture and sculpture around the park, and of course flowers, so I dare say I will post pictures from time to time. It will be nice to document the changing seasons. I bet that same bit of the park looks elegant when it is covered in snow.

Now I need to go to bed, I’m exhausted. If I go now, I’m in with a chance of being able to get up early and take care of some laundry and domestic tasks. I see how this is going to pan out.

I see willpower is back in fashion.

I’ve just read The Young Visiters by Daisy Ashford, The Art of War by Sun Tzu (obviously the thing one would read next, ha ha) and Willpower: Rediscovering our greatest strength by Roy Baumeister and John Tierney. The Baumeister book is interesting, solid, traditional psychological research, and Tierney polishes it up and makes it useful and glossy for the consuming public. Despite its polish, it is quite no-nonsense. Here are some memorable extracts from the final chapter. They do not waste their pity on you.

  • The best way to reduce stress in your life is to stop screwing up.
  • People who have more self control are better at arranging their lives so that they avoid problem situations.
  • People with good self control mainly use it not for rescue in emergencies but rather to develop effective habits and routines in school and at work. They use their self control not to get through crises, but to avoid them.
  • There is a strategy for going on offence.
  • Rule 1: Don’t keep putting it off. Do the right thing. Be orderly in your habits. Exercise discipline.
  • Rule 2. Control your impulses. When faced with a boring or unpleasant task, resist the temptation to improve your short term mood by doing something else. Stop and think about the courses of action available, predict your feelings about the outcomes.
  • Your willpower resource each day may be limited, so do the more challenging and difficult things that need more will and better judgement in the early part of the day.
  • Watch for the symptoms of emotional arousal, whether positive excitability or distress. Detach yourself. Delay before replying.
  • If you are depleted you are more likely to make mistakes which result in money spent, weight gained, etc. If you eat properly and get enough sleep you will make better decisions.
  • When you pick your battles, look beyond the immediate challenges and put your life in perspective. Are you where you want to be? What could be better? What can you do about it?
  • Have an idea of what you want to accomplish in a month and how to get there.
  • “We simply ask our managers and other workers to set their top goals for the week,” Patzer says. “You can’t have more than three goals and it’s fine if you have less than three. Each week we go over what we did last week and whether we met those goals or not, and then each person sets the top three goals for this week. If you only get goals one and two done, but not three, that’s fine, but you can’t go off working on other goals until you’ve done the top three. That’s it – that’s how we manage. It’s simple, but it forces you to prioritise, and it’s rigorous.”
  • People exhibit more self control when their desk is clean. This is also why you should make the bed.
  • “Write or nothing. It’s the same principle as keeping order in a school. If you make the pupils behave, they will learn something just to keep from being bored. I find it works. Two very simple rules, a. you don’t have to write. b. you can’t do anything else. The rest comes of itself.”

3 Books points. Today I drafted a daily schedule for myself with disappointingly little effort, no opportunities for procrastination there. I also activated some financial planning software. Then I locked myself out of iTunes by mistake. Then I went outside and walked for 1 hour, so 1 Health point. And I bought groceries because it is Thursday. Now I need to get offline and do about a month of housework because there is the prospect of a cheeky date at the weekend.

Ayayay, being good is hard work.

I need to get a routine in place where I do things in a more consistent order. Anyway, I have now done red (business, strategy), blue (mission, purpose of life) and yellow (core physical health) activities today, so we are basically in credit. I resisted chocolate when I was in the newsagent buying half the usual amount of milk. Also I walked outdoors for two hours, which was good going in light of sudden and hopefully temporary back pain, probably caused by sitting at my desk. So 1 Health point. I expect there will be more travel photos or news about something or other tomorrow.

We haven’t played much music here at TLYW in the last year and I suddenly feel the need for something. Nice bit of saucy Jamaican dancehall for the start of summer. This was a smash hit in 1995, and rightly so.

Frighty & Colonel Mite – Life Is What You Make It (1995)