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Tiny bits of progress.

I am struggling here. I have so much work on, it is insane. It is all happening at a breakneck pace now right up to Xmas.

Let me do an updated list for myself.

  • File all the receipts and do work prep (I am so busy that I have to refresh my detailed task list a couple of times a day, whereas normally I would plan my work a week or even a month at a time).
  • Thoroughly tidy up the living room and put away the 5 loads of laundry I’ve recently done. Change the sheets. Buy and replace lightbulbs, or make Little G do it.
  • Email my Chinese teacher with grovelling apologies.
  • I have made a date to see my sister, now I really do have to finish that baby gift.
  • I have made three dates for myself on the dating website, so here we go again with the uncomfortable shoes and the restaurants.
  • Let’s just not even talk about my Chinese homework or the books I’m allegedly reading.

I had a very brief look at Sims 3 Seasons last weekend: it was summer and my sim went to the summer festival and took part in an eating competition. I will give a more complete review when I have more information.

Right, I’d better get on otherwise my fast-moving schedule is going to crash and burn. We need some music. You are going to love this, it will have you bouncing up and down on the tips of your toes. Good-humoured, chirpy British dancehall reggae from 1984. Contemporary rappers take note, this guy has incredible oral skills. Give it up for:

Papa Levi: Big, Broad, Massive ‘n Hard (1984)

Home at last, 26 months in

I’m so glad to be back in London. I went straight from Hampshire into an insane work week in which I travelled all over the UK, a different city every day, a different hotel every night, taxis, suitcases, taxis. On my way home last night I had to collect left luggage from two different stations in different cities.

The weather was freezing so I ate a lot of hot, stodgy food and I’m afraid to get on the scales. I missed Chinese school again. I worked all day and in the evenings I wrote proposals and reports and filed receipts.

I am exhausted. I arrived home late last night and slept right through until just now, Saturday lunchtime, and I still feel wrecked.

Thankfully, that’s all my travelling done for this year, as far as I know. I have still got stacks of work on between now and Xmas but I believe and hope that it is nearly all in London and none of it is outside the UK.

Things I hope to do now I am home:

  • Play Sims 3: Seasons. It is a measure of how busy I am that this expansion pack was released two whole weeks ago and I have not had a minute to even look at it.
  • Finish that baby gift I was making for my sister and take it to her.
  • Tidy the house and put up a Xmas tree for the benefit of Little G.
  • Buy and fit some lightbulbs because the house is slowly sinking into darkness.
  • Go out and date! After breaking up for the final time with JC I rewrote my online dating profile, looking for someone to replace him, this being a senior role. I have been receiving interesting mail but have not had time to reply to it, never mind actually meet people. That can be remedied now I am home.

I just want to go back to bed, actually. Maybe I’ll just have another nap and then start doing things.


I’ve just had the most idyllic weekend in Hampshire with Klaus, in a converted 19th century Methodist chapel, which we rented via Hideaways.


It was really beautiful. We care for each other a lot, are similar in lots of ways, get along so easily. It was a breeze. There was a lot of dancing, embracing and thoughtful conversation.

That was an oasis of peace in the middle of a frantic work schedule. I’m back on the road now for several more days, so I think it is to my credit that I did a whole pile of financial paperwork and filing this evening. 1 Finance point.

I still have not had a chance to play Sims 3: Seasons, or even look at it.

Gloria is busy.

Sorry to be quiet, everyone. Work has gone crazy. I might be short of news for a few days.

This is my one night off and I am struggling with EA’s brutally illogical and protracted system for downloading and installing Sims 3: Seasons. The amount of times you have to log in, via the launcher, via the Origin software, via the Sims 3 website, then being told to log in yet again ‘for security reasons’. Come on, EA. There seriously is a limit to how much I want your premium content. This is why people do not take the extra step of registering their games because they have run out of patience.

I am going to get this software installed in time to go to bed, aren’t I.

Sims 3 Pets out today, gamers.

Hooray! I know what I’ll be doing most of this weekend. Here‘s the web link for Sims 3 Pets. Because I am a total geek I pre-ordered this back in June and that means I get some extra free content along with the main expansion pack.

Can’t wait to have a play with it this evening.

There will be dogs and cats!


Very exciting. Pets were a lot of fun in Sims 2 so if the Sims 3 version is at least that good, I’ll be happy.

Wasting the weekend, 35 weeks in

Oh, I have finally got my PC back after every major component died last weekend. It has been at the repair shop all week. Last night it took me from 5pm until 2am to reinstall software and I still haven’t finished reinstalling everything. Anyway, it works and I managed to get Warcraft and Sims 3 reinstalled and to my utter astonishment all my sim people lived. They don’t usually survive major hardware failures. Therefore I am going to celebrate by quite deliberately wasting the weekend playing games.

I did go out for a run yesterday in the blistering heat, earning one Health point. I haven’t decided what exercise I’m doing today, I might go out and run again as yesterday wasn’t my best ever performance.

Postscript: I decided to do strength exercises in the end. Mustn’t neglect those abs. 1 Health point.

A couple of Sims eat their toddler’s birthday cake while he plays on the floor nearby.