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Tax Quest

This is to record that I have done as much as I can in pursuit of the tax return. It’s in the hands of the accountants now, two weeks earlier than usual. Go me. One Tax point.

We are doing pretty well here. The PC hasn’t quite died yet, the tax return is all but done. My remaining tasks are the commercial project and 160 items of World’s Worst Company paperwork. We are now in the early hours of 18 December. Tomorrow I will look at the official deadlines for the WWC job, take stock of the situation and plan my diary for this last big push.

Hooray for getting my life back.

Everything is surprisingly on schedule! I did 14 hours at the office yesterday and got everything done that I hoped to.

Today I paid off my business loan (ouch) and I have nearly assembled everything the accountant will need for the VAT return. That is the first time in probably a couple of years that I will have the VAT return stuff ready to go two or even three weeks before the deadline instead of at the last minute. Go me.

I have never been so happy to do my VAT return. It feels like freedom after nearly being worked to death by somebody else’s even more chaotic company for over a year.

I must stop now as it is past 1am and I have another marathon day at the offices of the World’s Worst Company tomorrow. I think I’ll go and wash my hair and pick out a dress. More people to say goodbye to tomorrow.

The Hours

We’re into the final week now of my job at the World’s Worst Company. The final days, the final hours.

It doesn’t get easier towards the end of the season, it gets harder. I lost three-quarters of the weekend to violent tension headaches, which puts me even further behind schedule, which increases my anxiety, which increases headaches.

Today is Monday and I am back in the game. Today was much easier by virtue of the fact that two meetings were cancelled. One was accidentally my fault but even so.

Tomorrow is Tuesday, it will be a day in the office of minimum 10 hours and 14 hours if I get everything done that I need to. Tomorrow is also the last day that I will dress up in a big way for work because Tuesday is a day when I give presentations to large audiences. Tomorrow is also the last day that I will see the Person who has been lighting up and occasionally darkening my life, in any official capacity. Which I suppose means we might never see each other again.

Then there is Wednesday when I will attempt to stay on top of business matters and look at my tax situation.

Thursday and Friday I’m at the office again and they will be long days as well.

After that, I don’t have to go there any more. I will then have 160 items of WWC paperwork that I have to review and process, but I don’t have to go to the office.

My PC is experiencing intermittent hardware failure, just what you want right before Christmas. I’ve just emailed PC Specialist about sending it back to them yet again. I hate PC Specialist, my PC breaks every six months.

I can’t be without a PC or laptop of some description so I took a look at some gaming laptops on techradar and went with an Asus ROG G752.

I’ll be so glad when I don’t have to go to that place any more. I just want to stay at home and deal with my own business affairs, my tax bills and my technology. And after that, Xmas.


I have been doing Tax all day. Fucking pain in the ass. It’s 10.30 at night and I’m talking to a customer services representative from Norton, trying to track down a VAT invoice.

Why is this my life? It was really nice weather today. I wasn’t outside. Let’s try and remember what all this is for. I fucking love this song, it might be one of the most cheerful and inoffensive songs about money I’ve ever heard. The hook is hooky, the lyrics are memorable and the video has bonus Walter White and Jesse Pinkman.

It ain’t my fault that my money on the rise and it ain’t my fault that it’s stacking to the skies.

That’s what it’s for. I am broke and I have tax bills but I am rich on paper. Keep playing the game.

Don’t be afraid, cause there’s money money everywhere.

ETA: He is a lot more than 30 lbs overweight and he does not give a damn.

D/R Period: Money

Monday morning.

I feel like I make major life decisions every day.

It’s Monday morning and I don’t need to be on site at the office this morning so I am at my desk trying to sort out my pile of urgent tasks that is like a Hydra.

Because I can only do so many things in a day, I have to make hard decisions about how to use my time.

  1. HR aspects of day job. The bullying and harassment I experience from my so-called colleagues at Britain’s Worst Company continues to surprise me with its levels of both stupidity and aggression. I almost wonder if it is time for another conversation with HR. Not because I expect them to be able to do anything but because we are dealing with a situation that has legal consequences. I am not going to be bullied into resigning but we may find ourselves in a situation where they fire me and I have to sue them for constructive dismissal, this is my career and finances you are messing with. But all this stuff takes time out of my day.
  2. Actually doing my day job. I love this part of the job but I question the wisdom of investing more hours and energy than I have to given point one. I started there on 1 September. I am on a probationary contract for a year. If they haven’t manufactured a reason to fire me by 1 September 2016 then the terms of my contract will tighten and they will have trouble getting rid of me. It’s now 25 April. They have four months left to try to force me out. I would say the chances of my still being there on 1 September are 50/50. If I’m still there on 1 September then all the aggression and bullying is just hot air. But it doesn’t feel like hot air, it feels like quite a sustained campaign. So we’ll see. In the meantime, I doubt the wisdom of going above and beyond the call of duty for this organisation.
  3. My own business interests. Tax tax and more tax. Proposals.
  4. My own personal affairs, ranging from trivial stuff like drycleaning to the fact that I haven’t seen a dentist in 12 months and I desperately need to sort out my state pension. My own personal stuff comes last every single time and this is why I struggle with things like pensions and mortgages.

Right, I’d better get on with some stuff.

Fucking HELL.

  • Give up smoking.
  • Go to work.
  • Arrive home from work to find that there is a tax bill. THE FOURTH TAX BILL IN THREE WEEKS. FOUR FUCKING TAX BILLS IN THREE WEEKS.
  • Cry at desk. I am about ready to do a runner and leave the country with what little money I’ve got left.

Hanging on in there.

Allergy is back, not awfully so, but still.

One of the three businesses in my life will be closed and no longer trading by midnight on Thursday, thus reducing my work-related responsibilities by one-third.

I have removed what money there is into the other business.

I have two accountants and a soon-to-be-ex business partner and together we are trying to make sense of my tax liabilities for 2016 and 2017.

I asked the main accountant ‘am I going to go bankrupt?’ and he said ‘I don’t know’. Awesome. Thanks a bunch. Handily, this state of uncertainty has persisted for so long that it is now within my comfort zone and I don’t fucking worry about it. Let’s just put it on the list of things I am not worrying about. Fucks sake. Let’s have a tune. Get up and dance.

Public Enemy: Thin Line Between Law and Rape