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I have finally managed to get excited about tomorrow’s date with the Head Honcho.

I got on the scales this morning and they said 152.6 lbs. If I can get that down to 151 point something then I have lost half a stone and am well on my way to being a more athletic shape in time for my birthday in August.

I feel slim, even though I am not really, just slimmER and it feels good. I am picking out clothes for tomorrow. I am staying well away from carbs because the last thing I need is last-minute bloat. It is black coffee, protein pills and water all the way today.

List of things to do

  • Nails – trim down and paint.
  • Shaving – hardly any required for Le Honcho, just a bit of tidying-up around the edges.
  • Pick out nice underwear even though it’s not going to stay on for long.
  • Pack bag with essential personal grooming items, eg comb, dental floss.
  • Don’t forget to wear perfume.

I hope he either suddenly defers this date by a week and then continues to do so for weeks on end, or else I hope it goes ahead and we successfully date each other all summer because either path leads to Diet Success. I have never been so slim, muscular and well-groomed as when he and I were paying a lot of attention to each other. The imminent threat of a date is all that’s needed to galvanise me into action. I really recommend him/it. L’amour fait maigrir.

Day 4

I went to the gym yesterday (Day 3) and lifted weights. My god. I am a lot weaker than I used to be. I made so much effort that my muscles were shaking when I’d finished and I had to lie down when I got home.

Today I am a bit achey in my abs and chest, perhaps not surprisingly, so I went to the gym again this morning (Day 4), went on the treadmill and climbed a hill for an hour, to give my upper body a rest.

My plan is to swim again tomorrow. Go to the gym on consecutive days as much as is humanly possible (this will become more challenging as work heats up over the next 6 weeks).

The Weakly Weigh-In is on Fridays now. First one this Friday.


Weigh-In Even More Weakly

151.6 pounds this morning.

Having your life fall to bits is a really effective weight loss method.

I desperately need to earn some money. If any of you lovely readers would like to pass me some work, I would be grateful. The main skill that you know about is that I can write. I also have a lot of experience in marketing, so email me if there’s anything I can help you with.

gloriastartover at hotmail dot co uk

Weakly Weigh In.

At least I’m losing weight. I’ve dropped another two pounds, I weigh 155.0 pounds this morning, which is great. It means I’ve lost 10 pounds altogether. If I can drop another ten, to 145, I will look pretty good and start fitting into my smaller clothes. If I can drop to 135, it will be because I’ve been in the gym a lot, and if I can get down as far as 130 then we are in tiny sportswear territory.

I am still busy trying to rescue things in my personal life that are crashing. It continues to be a rather scary situation but I can see a long list of actions that I can take, so I am taking action.

Welcome home, Gloria.

Right then. I am back in London and the party is over. I shouldn’t really have gone to Spain but I did some concentrated and worthwhile thinking about business while I was there. Now it’s time to get back to work and try to raise some money.

As you can imagine, the first thing I did when I got home was get on the scales, and it was like a miracle. 157.6 pounds. That’s over SEVEN pounds less than immediately before I went away. Half a stone. I will have to eat really carefully from now on so that I keep losing instead of regaining flab, I will also have to exercise no matter how much work I have on. Seven pounds in 12 days, it is amazing. I loved the discipline of that place. Meals at strictly set times and coffee available only in tiny little cups and plenty of water. I need to apply that same regime here at home.

The second thing I did when I got home was open the post, and of course there is a huge tax bill. Of course. Welcome back to work.

Later on, when I’ve cleared some items off my list of urgent tasks, I’ll post some photos of Gran Canaria and I’ll tell you a racy story.

In which I finally get some exercise.

I went to the gym and used the pool! I am as weak as a kitten and managed 35 lengths, at about half my normal speed, plus I had to keep stopping for breaks, however 30 lengths is all you need to earn a TLYW health point. Then I had errands to do around my neighbourhood and walked everywhere for over an hour. I only need to repeat that formula on about 100 more consecutive days and by the end of it I will be able to swim 100 lengths and walk for 3 hours without really trying and hopefully will be slimmer and more muscular.

2 Health points.

Shorts and books.

I am still cleaning my house and packing, it is coming along okay.

Shorts, OMG. Trying on shorts when you have not exercised regularly for an entire year and have gained 30 lbs is a very sobering experience, let me tell you. I might have to buy a pair of massive shorts while I am in Spain. At least my swimming costumes still fit me. I will have to try really hard to keep dieting over the next week. I have had 3 meals today but they were small and I am not snacking. I am moderately hungry but I am drinking tea to compensate. I really need to drop a pound or two in the next few days if I can possibly manage it.

Reading: I need at least one book with me in old-fashioned paper format for those times when you can’t use electronic devices or can’t read them in bright sunlight or just don’t want them with you. So after a lot of deliberation and searching my bookshelves, I’m going to attempt a massive novel called The Museum of Innocence, by Orhan Pamuk. I think it’s helpful to match what you are reading to the local environment, architecture and climate, at least at times, where the environment is in some way unusual or distinctive. I once read Dracula in blistering summer heat, and I will never forget what an odd sensation it was because the novel is so evocative of graveyards at midnight, damp castles and chill winds. So that’s why I looked at my bookshelves rather carefully. I now wish that I’d taken Ian McEwan’s Amsterdam to Amsterdam, and Solzhenitsyn’s Lenin in Zurich to Zurich. Never mind. Anyway, it turned out that I didn’t have any novels here in paper format that are set in Spain or Morocco, and I found that the closest I could get was Turkey. So that’s why we are going with The Museum of Innocence, it is set in Istanbul, which I’ve visited, and it won’t be totally out of place among the 15th century architecture of the old town quarter of Las Palmas, which I hope to see. It’s a huge, chunky book so wish me luck.

Now I need to go and sort out at least two pairs of my sturdiest trainers because there are a lot of opportunities for walking and even hiking. Must remember to take suitable socks as well.