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A much-needed change of scene.

Tonight’s date contacted me (last night, actually) to say he needed to postpone because of work. So what I did this evening instead was go to the gym to lift weights, have a light meal and then go out to briskly walk 10 miles because I am hardcore. 2 Health points. I need to go and update the Achievements page right now because I am racking up points so fast that it keeps falling behind.

That concludes my chance to fall in love in London, at least for the time being. I now have about 48 hours to clean my house and make it ready for my house-sitter because it is time to get the hell out of Dodge and go back to the Middle East. I am not going to Egypt to see Abdul, but it is nearly that exciting. More details will be revealed as the story unfolds. Relevant highlights of the trip: (1) there is no work; (2) it is several days; (3) ALL I am going to do is exercise. I am going to use the gym every day, retrain myself to run, swim in the pool, swim in the sea, eat healthily, get a tan, get some clean, fresh air.

And maybe, just maybe, someone will take me into the desert.

Readers, I need this trip. Dealing with the Honcho is often stressful but this recent round of negotiations has been most dreadfully gruelling and I am inclined to be sad. Getting out of the UK is just what I need. Leave him in his little house in his crap little town (for readers, he does not even have the common decency to live in London) and fly far, far away to the lands of camels, deserts, coral reefs, the burning sun and men, dark of countenance, whose beautiful faces look as though they were carved out of stone.

Let’s have some music. I love this tune. I know it’s only Take That but it sounds exactly like the Beatles in their Sergeant Pepper era.

Take That: Shine

I ran.

This is a big deal because I haven’t run for ages and running is a VERY unpleasant experience if you are out of practise. I did Day 1 Week 1 of Todd Lange’s 10k programme, which has you running for four sets of eight minutes, so 32 minutes in total. My legs didn’t hurt a bit, which was a blessing, evidently the large muscles I have built up in my legs from the long distance walking can easily cope with 30 minutes of jogging, so that was fine. Aerobic fitness – still a long way to go. Breathing like a freight train, purple in the face, pouring with sweat, it’s all so dignified and lovely. Anyway. I did it!  I also did my 40-minute weight training routine while I was at the gym.

Date with the fitness trainer guy later. I’m not going to get over excited. On the one hand, yes FREE TRAINING omg. On the other hand, the relationship has already found its dynamic and I am speaking to him as though he were a small child.

It really is a giant effort of will today not to email the Honcho and say “look, even though I yelled at you and my last words to you were ‘fuck off’, please can we try one more time to make this work” because he’s one of the few guys that I’ve ever dated in my whole life that I didn’t secretly think was an idiot.  In fact he might be the only one. And even he makes me wonder sometimes.

2 Health points.

PS. Abdul texted me from Egypt to tell me that he is alive and OK.

Booty Luv: Boogie 2nite

All caught up.

OK, I think I’m now caught up at work, the Honcho episode happened at a bad time, I was super busy already and did not need 4 days of tears and recriminations. Had to put in a long day at work today to catch up, it is 10.30 pm now. It was a day with no emo drama, and I think I am there now and my big work project is back on track. We obviously don’t get any achievement points just for performing at work but at least this means I can start exercising again.

Speaking of which.

I was chatting on the dating website with an uncomplicated-seeming young guy who is a fully-qualified and university-educated fitness instructor, self-employed and available at all kinds of convenient hours. I told him about my ambitions to run 10k in early October and he said it is possible if I start training for it immediately and that he would be more than happy to give me 6 weeks of intensive FREE training to get me there. So that’s why I am going to meet him tomorrow and I really hope we like each other because this could be a dream come true. I just want somebody to encourage me in good habits.

Weakly Weigh In

I’ve just noticed it’s been a week since the last Weakly Weigh-In, so here goes.

Scores on the Doors: 148 lbs (down 1 pound). I should bloody hope so as well, after burning off a minimum of 800 calories in cardio seven days a week. Anyway, good. That’s a good enough result considering that I compensated for yesterday’s mild emotional distress by eating an entire box of Florentines.

Weights: I am making slow but sure progress with weight training. Persistent. Hanging on in there. Ensuring that I’m making a real effort with all the exercises.

Clothes: I didn’t think I had anything to report this week on the subject of clothes fitting differently. But then I realised that all day yesterday I wore a stretchy Pineapple vest that clings everywhere and that I had previously regarded myself as too fat for. I look okay in it now because my arms and upper body seem to be getting slimmer this week and while I’m still round in the front, it is gradually becoming less noticeable. In fact I took a picture of myself wearing this top and a tiny skirt and sent it to the Honcho yesterday so you can tell I must have been feeling fairly confident that I didn’t look awful in it.

Running: I am being a lazy shit and hardly doing any, because I prefer to power-walk, and now I need to rest whatever muscle or tendon it is that I’ve irritated in my leg. As soon as it stops hurting I need to make a committed fresh start with running otherwise I will not have time to train for this 10k in October and the whole thing will end in embarrassment.

Summary: Weight: down. Clothes: I look surprisingly okay in a stretchy vest that I’d previously rejected as too small.


Sun has gone in. Eight-mile walk today in what started out as light drizzle and quickly became 2 hours of torrential downpour. Tried to run on the easy bits of the walk, ie the downhill parts, which attempt confirmed that my legs are (now quite a lot) stronger than my lungs. I need to be able to run for 30 consecutive minutes to do Todd’s 10k training programme so I have this week to work on that. 1 Health point.

Let’s have some Grace Jones. Always a stylish choice.

Grace Jones: Walking In The Rain


OK, it looks like I am going to start running again. I just signed up for a 10k race in early October. I’m not sure I’ve ever actually run that far. There, that’ll give me something to work for. Apparently 400 people showed up to the last one.

I am totally going to rely on Todd Lange’s 10k training programme. I’ve got time to do it. Todd Lange was the guy whose 5k-101 plan got me off the couch in the first place and all the way to the end of a 5k race in 2011. So I am pretty confident in his ability to get me to run 10k.

Train for a 10k in six weeks with Todd Lange.


“Are you training for a marathon?”

Got up at the crack of dawn this morning and went to yoga. It was okay. The teacher seemed normal. Here are my previous experiences of yoga teachers:

(1) A woman who tried to convince me, in front of the whole class, mind you, that you shouldn’t stand on your head if you are having your period, suggesting an understanding of human biology that dates from the 16th century.

(2) A man who took hold of my ankle and moved it into a different position, while I was supporting all my weight on it, giving me an injury that left me unable to walk for 2 weeks. I wish I had sued the motherfucker and/or punched his face in. I will soon have the biceps to do that, should I ever see him again.

I do not think it is a coincidence that both these people talked in ridiculous, breathy child’s voices and pretend Indian accents because that makes you more of a yoga expert.

So. When I say this morning’s teacher seemed normal, that’s a compliment. It didn’t seem like a very demanding class and it was only about 45 minutes but I can use the stretching exercises so we’ll maybe carry on with that for a bit.

After yoga, went to the weights room because I wanted to know how to use a couple of machines that are still unfamiliar to me. Picked on the handsomest gym staff member to ask for advice (natch). He was probably about 18. We have a discussion, which was like this. Bear in mind I’m in the gym all the time lately so I’m probably a familiar face.

Him: So what exercise do you do?

Me: Oh, you know. Not much. All those machines there. I walk a few miles each day. A bit of running. [lying]

Him: So what do you want to add?

Me: Well I think I should exercise my back more. And my core. It’s good for running, isn’t it.

Him: Are you training for a marathon?

Me: Erm …. no. I’m, er, not really training for anything. I just want to, you know, lose some weight.

Him: [disappointed] Oh. OK, well here’s how you do the Low Row.

I don’t know whether to be thrilled that it wasn’t obvious from my appearance that I am there to lose flab or sad and embarrassed that I disappointed him. He was so cute as well.

After that, squeezed in a quick five-mile walk because scared not to. 2 Health points.