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Christmas Tableware

I continue to nearly drown in a tidal wave of incoming business. I am stressy and emotional. Only one thing soothes my shredded nerves, apart from Harry of course, and that is looking at Christmas Stuff that I do not need and have nowhere to keep.

Today the stuff that is attracting my attention is Christmas tableware, which looks like this. This is all very tasteful and I want some of it.

I am supposed to be decluttering so that Harry can move in, I do not have room for another complete dinner service. I am trying to think of ways to sneak it into the flat, which could be difficult because I’m never home at the moment, while he is there all the time.

Spode Christmas Tree


I really like those green bands, they are really 1930s. Spode, a British pottery, says the design dates from 1938.

Cup and saucer, £30 for a set of four.

spode xmas cup saucer

Dinner plates, side plates and dishes, £60 for a 12-piece set.

spode xmas plates 2


Portmeirion Holly & Ivy


Portmeirion is another British company, I have blogged about it before and use the Water Garden range for my everyday tableware. It is the first time that I’ve had a matching set and it gives me so much pleasure. The Holly & Ivy range is elegant and grown-up.

Cup and saucer, £19.50 per set of 1 cup, 1 saucer.


portmeirion holly tea cup

10″ dinner plate, £16.50 per plate.

portmeirion holly dinner plate

Villeroy & Boch


Villeroy & Boch is a German manufacturer of ceramics. I didn’t know about this lovely brand until recently, Harry told me about it, apparently his mother likes it. I can see why.

A delightful plate for Christmas baked goods, £19.90.

villeroy boch xmas bakery plate

I added up some prices and it came out as follows. Enough Portmeirion Holly and Ivy tableware for two people (2 each of cup & saucer, dinner plate, side plate, dish) comes to £133. Pros: You can buy the pieces individually and I only need enough china for two people, esp in light of the storage space issue. Cons: This is an expensive range. The Spode Christmas Tree range, which is also really nice comes to only £90 and a complete 20-piece set includes enough place settings for four people.

I will let you know what happens. Expect more Christmas-related posts over the coming weeks because the thought of eventually getting some holiday from work in December is all that’s keeping me sane right now. And of course I want nice tableware, of course I do.

Tea Set

I can’t believe I was foolhardy enough to invite Harry over when I was right in the middle of de-cluttering the spare room. I had already pulled all the junk out of that room and it was all over the floor in the living room and hall. It was well past the stage where I could just shove the junk back where it came from. The only way out was through. That’s why I’ve been doing housework for 24 hours now and yet I’ve only just arrived at the stage where I can vacuum the floors.

Anyway, he is coming to tea tomorrow and I am looking forward to it. My house will be as clean as it ever gets by then and we will be able to use my Portmeirion tea set, which I have been looking forward to. I do love a nice tea set. This one even has matching spoons. You can get yours here.

Portmeirion is a pottery and also a highly unusual village and resort in North Wales. I remember my grandparents taking me when I was a kid. I’d like to return. Maybe I’ll go with Harry if we keep seeing each other.

portmeirion aerialviewofvillage

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