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Clean as Christmas 

A rare photo of my house looking clean and tidy and it’s not even Xmas. Look at the shine on that floor.

Still to do:

  • clean the small bathroom, replace bath mat
  • wash dishes
  • clean kitchen floor (no time to repaint)
  • swish and swipe larger bathroom
  • clean the visible bits of the fridge
  • mop hall floor
  • remaining dusting as necessary
  • clean marks off walls and woodwork that I missed last night
  • hoover floors that haven’t been done yet
  • take rubbish out
  • put towels in bathrooms
  • go to supermarket and buy a Victoria sponge
  • shower, wash hair
  • nails
  • bleach teeth
  • allow plenty of time for make-up
  • try to find a dress that is flattering and doesn’t need ironing

I hope he doesn’t want to come over too early. I’d better get on.

General Health, Diet & Lifestyle News

Things are proceeding fairly well chez Gloria. I am being responsible and taking charge of some things.

I joyfully reunited with my hot periodontist who rebuilt one side of my face five years ago. I was so pleased to see him. He is much more pro-active than my other dentist and we really like each other. We had a workman-like discussion about what to do with the other side of my face. I feel no fear as I am a battle-hardened warrior now where dentistry is concerned. He is going to do about three episodes of gum cleaning to reduce the size of my pockets and then we are going to see about doing another sinus lift and putting in two more titanium implants. I had six last time, on the right side, so two on the left side does not make me break a sweat. It makes me laugh to think of how phobic I used to be of the dentist. The way I talk to him now, it is like getting the car serviced or building an extension on the house.

I gained a bunch of weight this month for no obvious reason, which I am v unhappy about, but I am dealing with it responsibly by cutting back on my food intake, esp carbs, and exercising every day (mix of outdoor walking, swimming and treadmill). If that doesn’t take care of it pretty rapidly, I will increase the amount of exercise until it starts working. In 2013 I used to go out for walks of 17km on a near daily basis and spare fat does not stand much of a chance against that kind of regime. So I am working back up to that.

I spent 90 minutes cleaning the kitchen today, which means I can cook, because while I am dieting I am also in the mood for thinking about meal planning and food preparation. I’ve just bought a fondue set, having wanted one my whole life and so I will soon make fondue with broccoli and cauliflower to dip in the cheese instead of bread. V excited.

On top of all this, I managed to finish a book, I’ve just read Every Day Is Mother’s Day, the first novel of Hilary Mantel (1985). It was very well-written and frequently funny but also rather dark and depressing so I shall not drag you through a long review. It was like shopping in a particularly bleak and wet corner of Britain on early-closing day.

I could collect a bunch of achievement points for all this but it wasn’t a huge effort so I shall wait until I’ve done something that required more effort, such as filling out paperwork for the mortgage and pensions guy.

In which I take on slightly too much, because it’s all I know how to do.

Crikey. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about myself, it is that I do better when I am busy. After thinking that I was going to have a nice, relaxing time, further to leaving the World’s Worst Company, my life is bursting at the seams with activity. I hardly know what to tackle next. Let’s have a quick roundup of non-work things.

  • Gym. I am in the gym regularly and although I’m not yet weighing myself, I can feel that I’m starting to lose some of the fat that I stacked on over Xmas. My pot belly will be the last thing to go and I am not ruling out liposuction if I can make time for it. Gym uses up a lot of time and, as we all know, you have to keep going several times a week if not every day, but it is well worth it.
  • Dentist. I am at the dentist aaaallllll the time. Fillings, cleaning, this and that. Periodontist on the 22nd.
  • Other beauty stuff. Hairdresser because my hair goes grey so fast. Laser hair clinic. I need to see my Botox man again, haven’t seen him since October.
  • Dating. I am very popular with boys at the moment, which is very welcome after being unmercifully dumped by someone I’d sustained a 14- or 15-month relationship with. I went on a date yesterday with an absolutely beautiful model who kissed me at the tube station. When I say model, I don’t mean some 50-year-old, silver-haired character actor, I mean an actual model.
  • Art and Culcha. So much of this. I saw the South Africa exhibition that is currently on at the British Museum and will blog about it separately. I am going out again over the coming weekend to hear more music.


  • Choir. Is this evening. Need to wash my hair and iron a dress because it’s a big social event of the week.
  • Friends. I have miraculously seen 4 of my long-suffering friends who have to wait two years in between meetings.
  • Housework. I can tell I am super busy because the house is getting out of control again even though I only cleaned it up last week. I still have not unpacked the boxes that I brought away with me from the World’s Worst Job and I seriously want to clean and renovate the back room, which is now my clothes room.
  • Gaming. I have done no video gaming for a solid week, even though I am desperate to get back into it. I am absolutely desperate to play Battlefield 1 and Resident Evil 7.


So there you go. The things on that list, as well as work, are merely the things I’m actually managing to do plus the most immediate priorities. We won’t even mention the second tier of priorities, such as playing other video games, reading, pursuing half a dozen other hobbies and trying to get back into learning Chinese.

I am getting enough sleep, so there’s that.

The Last Few Days

Yesterday, my headache abated. Today it is back. I cannot avoid doing work today but I have some choice in the matter of what type of work I do. If I still feel ill tomorrow I’ll have to see a doctor. I would rather avoid this if possible because I don’t have any spare time.

Last night I cleaned the house for 3 or 4 hours. It actually feels more manageable now I’ve realised I don’t have to do it all in one go. I made reasonably good progress; changed the sheets, took a lot of rubbish out, cleaned most of the kitchen, bleached the kitchen bin.

Today I’m working on my own commercial business because it is Sunday and I am not contracted to work for the World’s Worst Company on Sundays. Tomorrow – dentist again. I’ve been ill for a week and that always makes my dental routine fall to pieces so my dentist is not going to be impressed with me at all.

Two more weeks of having to go to the WWC, assuming I can get well enough, otherwise I don’t know what happens.

I realised that the holiday that I need quite badly is four months away and by that time I either won’t need one or I will be on a business trip somewhere. So I am shelving the idea because it is too far away to be of any benefit to me. I decided to concentrate on Xmas in London and getting as much value out of it as possible. I just took delivery of a PlayStation. I am going to attempt to fix a monitor to a stand and set up the whole thing myself, so wish me luck with that.


Now I need to go and lie down for an hour and then attend to business.



This is a huge effort. I’ve been off sick for a couple of days with a persistent migraine that’s been hanging around since last Friday. I’m writing this as I’m starting to feel better.

I’m trying not to use my PC for too long, not just because of my headache but because it has developed another hardware failure and I don’t want to push it too hard and make it break down completely – ha, I have JUST realised what this is a metaphor for.

So I’m not at the office and I’m not at work at my desk, which is an unusual state of affairs, to say the least, and I look around for the Next Urgent Thing and it is the state of my house. I need to clean up, it is derelict.

I am trying not to waste any precious energy on being annoyed that the Person with whom I’ve enjoyed a close relationship for the last year cannot be bothered to email me or send a message asking how I am when they must be aware that I’ve been off sick for most of the week.

While I don’t have the energy to really care too much about that situation, it does throw the present circumstances into sharp relief. And the present circumstances are that no-one is going to help me with jack shit. I am on my own here and I have always been on my own. If I don’t do things for myself, they don’t happen. My flat is not suitable or hygienic habitation for humans and I think I’d better go round with a bin bag.

Two more weeks of having to go to the office all the time, then I can stop going there. I will still have a bunch of work to do from home but home is better and there is less travelling time and laundry.

How do you see your house?

I live in a flat. Yesterday I went to see my downstairs neighbours because they took delivery of a parcel that I needed to collect. They are a very nice South American married couple in their late 30s. Very nice, amiable, respectable couple. While I was standing at the front door waiting for the husband to get my parcel, I was able to view a small section of their hall. It was really nice. It was very clean, it was warm and it was attractively decorated with South American style, looked like there was a little altar going on, with some flowers and a romantic portrait of the Holy Virgin. V interesting. Then the man came back with my parcel and I swiftly departed to let them get on with their weekend.

Today I get to do some urgent cleaning and housework because I have managed to get on top of work (hooray!). I just looked at my flat and not only is there a stark contrast between my flat and theirs, it is clear that I regard my flat as less an interior than an extension of Outdoors. There is cigarette ash in the hall under the skylight, in what is clearly an outdoor smoking area, the kitchen would not be out of place at a camping site at a festival and the living room floor is decorated with bin bags. This is how we living. No wonder I don’t have a boyfriend.

Get up and dance. The washing-up can wait for another five minutes.

Young MC: Bust A Move (1989)

Picked Up

There has been a major breakthrough with the cleaning.

The living room, which was literally knee-deep in receipts, rubbish, post it notes, packaging, tissues, lip balm, 12 pairs of reading glasses, 12 different kinds of painkiller and various OTC medication, baby wipes, sanpro, small change, knitting supplies, empty cigarette packets, about a mall’s worth of food wrappers and an entire forest of business and domestic paperwork, has now been Picked Up.

It took 7 hours to pick up the living room. It is now 2am on Monday. The room is now in a condition where it can be dusted, mopped and hoovered. Not right now, because it is 2am.

Only the entire rest of the flat to go. I knew this was going to be the worst room because it had by far the most stuff in it, much of it consisting of tiny pieces of paper.