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On the way to the dentist, reggae.

I am getting (some) things done. I am monstrously busy. Everything takes so much time. Getting my iPad sorted required two trips to the Apple store – that’s the equivalent of a whole working day used up, meanwhile I have over 5,000 unread emails.

I am in the middle of a tidal wave of existing work admin and trying to get organised on the home and finance fronts ready for new kinds of work in September. I have been feeling overwhelmed, it’s not that anything I have to do is difficult but there is just so much of it. Phone calls, emails, things that have to be written and monitored and dispatched etc etc. Most of this was stored in my head, no wonder I felt stressed.

This is how you know I am not just geeking out over productivity software for the fun of it. Trello is saving my life right about now, as is David Allen, the productivity guru and author of Getting Things Done and Ready For Anything. I’ve just read the latter while dumping every single task and responsibility that I can possibly imagine into Trello and the whole thing is making me feel a lot calmer. I am going to read Ready For Anything a second time because I am hanging on his every word right now, there is a reason why a cult has grown up around him.

Hmm, it’s just occurred to me that I can claim 1 Books point for that, plus it counts towards the Business Books brownie badge, plus I get a health point because I went to the dentist.

I showed up in Soho a bit too early to go straight to the dentist’s office. The sounds of some heavy, heavy roots reggae pumped like treacle out of this achingly cool record shop that only sells vinyl. It has a sofa. I went in and sat down.


phonica interior

Rod Taylor: Promised Land

I also had a long-overdue haircut (see how I am getting things done). Now my hair is free from grey bits and is sharp as a knife. I hadn’t seen my hairdresser in so long that he almost forgot what kind of hair style we have been trying to achieve. You will recall that it took several months for me to get the message through to him, with many unfashionable grandma haircuts along the way.

Him: (looking at very grown-out bob) So what length do you want it? How about jaw length!

Me: No! Earlobe length. Not even a millimetre longer than that. If you think you are cutting it too short, cut it shorter.

Him: What about the back? I will do a nice graduated bob!

Me: NO!!!

Him: (looks frightened) I just want to do what you want!

Me: NO TAPERING. Just a clean line, the same length all the way around.

Him: OK. (cuts hair. looks at hair dubiously)

Him: Maybe I could do some layers here at the top.

Me: No! We are done now. This is what I wanted. Very short. All one length. Buzzed off at the back. Very sharp. Nice. (gels hair into a sleek, shiny helmet)

Him: OK. It does suit you.

Me: (vainly grooming self in mirror) Thank you.

Him: You do have good ideas. Probably should have been a hairdresser.

This picture is as close as I can find to the length and general shape of my hair. I don’t have a fringe. I part my hair at the side and tuck it behind my ears and put things like Brylcreem on it like it’s the 1930s.

very short bob

It is a haircut that will look even better when I am slimmer and more muscular. I am the size of a house right now but I’ve been out walking a few times and am controlling what I eat, so hopefully there will be results soon. Various health points, blah blah, look at the time. See you later.


I am sorry to post about something so trivial when I am supposed to be changing my life and also I haven’t blogged for a week, but it is big news to me. After at least a year of trying, my hairdresser has FINALLY accepted what I want him to do with my hair. He has had so much trouble believing me. Even today, it took two attempts. He cut off what he thought was a lot of hair, I was like ‘no no no, this is ridiculously too long at the back, take off at least another inch, if not two inches’. He was like ‘are you sure?’ I was like ‘I’ve been trying to explain this to you for months! Cut off another two inches at the back and shave the back of my neck as necessary’.

So now my hair looks like this, at LAST. This is the closest picture I could find, anyway. It is a dark chocolate brown. I don’t have a fringe, I am wearing a side parting with my hair tucked behind my ears. It is that short. It is the same length all the way around, my god, the amount of persuasion it took, to get him to buzz it off at the back.


At the end, he was like ‘this is okay? this is what you wanted?’ I was like ‘Now we are STARTING to get there. STARTING.’

Next time I see him we are going to have a srs discussion about undercuts.

Finally. Progress.

Art and Beauty

Life is gradually improving. We are still on Week 1 of the new, higher dose of happy pills and apparently I can expect it to take 6-8 weeks again for this new dose to achieve its full effect. Therefore, if this yields a good result I should be back on the dancefloor with a vengeance around the first half of October.

Yesterday I went to the British Library, which was super. Check out this fabulous statue of Isaac Newton by Eduardo Paolozzi.


This is what the exterior of the British Library looks like.


The spires of the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel appear over the library roof.


Inside the library there are several floors of reading rooms which are full of priceless, ancient manuscripts. The building is dominated by this central tower, which is called The King’s Tower, because it houses the books of King George III, who founded a precursor to the British Library back in the 18th century.



While I was there, I went to see the Comics Unmasked exhibition.


My favourite periods for just about anything are the mid 18th century and then the 1970s, including cartoons and comics, as it turns out.

Plate 2 of The Harlot’s Progress by William Hogarth, 1732. The Harlot’s Progress is a series of six engravings that tell the story of Moll Hackabout’s decline and fall into moral turpitude. In Plate 2, prior to entering into prostitution, she is the mistress of a wealthy merchant. She is kicking the table over to draw his attention away from a rival lover of hers who is discreetly escaping out the door.


And now a couple of hilarious comic book covers from the 1970s. I was a child in the 70s and this is what Britain was like. As you can see, not that much had changed since the 18th century.

Truly Amazing Love Stories, 1977. “Forty-four pages of crotch ticklin tales.”

amazing love stories

Dope Fiend Funnies, 1974

dope fiend

In the latest beauty news, I went to see my Botox doctor for a check-up and top-up. I showed her some photos of me from July, in which I look utterly defeated and have the sagging, almost-dead eyes of an ancient turtle that has experienced abuse. Then I showed her some photos of me that I took a couple of days ago when I was putting on make-up ahead of going on a date, in which I look like a princess and totally unrecognisable as the same person. Then I gave her a thank-you card with a heartfelt message. Then I wept, right there in her office, out of gratitude. I can’t believe what she’s done for my face. I am overwhelmed with the results. I thought was I was never going to look pretty again after being beaten so badly around the face and head in the awful Crime of earlier this year. It is like a miracle. It is better than when I had new teeth and that is really saying something.

It is my birthday this week and I decided to celebrate it today so after I left the office of the Supreme Goddess of Beauty I went to Top Shop and had my ears re-pierced. I haven’t worn earrings in 15 years and the holes had all but closed up. I suddenly felt that what I wanted for my birthday was to be able to wear earrings again. Right now there are two sparkly crystals in my ears. I feel reconnected with my own, relatively gorgeous, past and at the same time I can see into the future, and it is a future with earrings in it. The holes will have healed in about a month and then I can really have fun.

I feel happy because I feel pretty. My other birthday present to myself was new hi-tech moisturiser, so that the lower half of my face can keep pace with the newly rejuvenated upper half and finally I am due a haircut this week, which I’ve been waiting for, so we can at least begin styling it into a shape that I actually want.

I am speaking at a large business conference in France in a couple of weeks. I will be the only woman on a panel of men. I am going to wow everyone with my beauty and glamour as well as my expertise, if I can find my passport, that is.

1 Art point. I think this means I’m officially not depressed any more.

Unexpected Bursts of Romance

It is Week 7, day 7 of the happy pills. I am slowly and incrementally happier, day by day. I will know I have achieved my Recommended Daily Allowance of happiness when I start dancing again. We are not there yet, but I sense that we are not far off.

I am absolutely overjoyed with the results of my encounter with Botox. It was 7 days ago. At the time, the doctor informed me that it would take a week to achieve its full effects. I didn’t really understand why, so I was sceptical, but I look in the mirror every day, here we are on Day 7 and it is amazing. It is beyond anything I could have hoped for. What I hoped for was an eyebrow lift that would restore the arches to their former glory, and this happened quickly, within a couple of days, but what we have here on Day 7 is an upper eyelid lift as well. Because I’m quite old, I had got to the point where my upper eyelid was collapsing on top of my lower lid, and I thought this was something that couldn’t be rectified without surgery, but as of yesterday my eyelids are right back where they used to be 10 years ago, and I don’t look a day over 35. It is like a miracle. It even makes my haircut look better. Speaking of which, it’s time to see my hairdresser because roots.

Perhaps coincidentally and perhaps not, in light of my renewed confidence, I am suddenly having a very rewarding dating season. I am getting a lot of interest on the trusty dating site, which is always flattering, and there are two guys in particular who I’m happy to have in my life. One is William, who I’ve blogged about a few times recently. He was quiet for a couple of days and I wondered if he’d changed his mind but then he texted me and now it looks like we will have our third date this week. I am excited about this because I have quite a crush on him, also in the fickle world of online dating, if someone makes it to three dates, that’s very unusual and is a long relationship.

Additionally, he has a rival. There’s another guy, a Northern lad, let’s call him Charlie. He’s 28. I like a bit of Northern urban grit. We understand each other’s roots and culture. We’ve had two dates and I am getting to like him more than I expected. I could see how we could settle down into a comfortable thing together with absolutely no difficulty at all that involves joking around and saying Northern things and watching horror movies and having sex. In fact, that is pretty much the plan.

So that’s me. I am happy and I am well provided-for. Thank you Jah.

Iggy Azalea: Fancy (2014)


Weekly weigh-in: zero

Hello readers!

It’s been quite a busy week! Let’s have a quick news round-up.

  • Weight. I haven’t gained or lost anything this week, I am still 152lbs and I am calling that a success because I couldn’t go running at all this week, on account of the face surgeon telling me not to get my face all sweaty.
  • Face. Had my cyst out on Monday, of course. My face doesn’t hurt and in my inexpert opinion it seems to be healing up well. Can’t wait for the dressing to come off, a week is a long time to go around with a bandage on your face. So that’s happening this coming Monday. Bandage off, stitches out.
  • Teeth. Saw the dental hygienist on Tuesday for a good cleaning, my last dental appointment of 2011. 1 Health point.
  • Hair. My hair is in much better condition than it was, remember when I was so upset a few months ago about it falling out?  That situation has improved a lot.  This week I treated myself to a hairdresser’s appointment where I had my bob trimmed into a flirty little shape and dyed a lovely shade of dark brown, the colour of very dark chocolate. I am so happy with it, it really suits me, makes my hair look thicker and looks great with make-up.
  • Dating. Still going out with Marc, still have not seen JC, the Frenchman.

That’s it. Other than that I have been to work and done my Xmas shopping. I have not done any housework and my house is a tip so that will have to change this weekend. And that’s all the news!


That’s that, then. I have gone from long straggly hair to a neat bob, the type modelled here by Eva Longoria. Brunette, no fringe, side parting, just below jaw length.

It looks much, much better, especially since I put some make up on with it. I’m hoping that pretty soon I’ll have teeth like Eva’s as well, which reminds me, I’d better go and floss.

The hairdresser thought that my diet and exercise regime probably only partly accounted for my hair shedding and breaking and asked if I was using a particularly harsh shampoo. As it happens, because I was trying to be frugal, I’ve been using some ultra cheapo value shampoo from the supermarket and I suppose I might as well have been washing my hair in Draino. Also, I wash my hair a lot because of running. It hadn’t occurred to me that using value-brand shampoo could mess up your hair that badly but certainly I will stop using it now and save it for cleaning the floor or something instead.


Hair Help

That hairdresser’s appointment I mentioned? It’s not going to be next month. It’s tomorrow. I need hair help, stat.

It was 12 August when I wrote about my hard exercise regime and coinciding hair loss and my hair has not improved in the month that has elapsed since then. I’m not exercising quite as much, although running for up to an hour 3 times per week is still quite hard I suppose and I am of course dieting. My poor hair. It is falling out and what has not fallen out is weak and breaky. I reckon it is either exercise induced hormonal imbalance or else I’m missing some vital nutrient or both.

Off to the hairdresser’s I go, without delay. I consulted with him today and he says he can put layers in and make it look lots better so I am hopeful. I am also going to take multivitamins and iron, starting now, and I am relaxing my diet and exercise schedule. I am letting a small amount of wheat and starchy veg back on the menu as those were the main things I’d cut out, other than refined sugar. Maybe I inadvertently dropped something from my diet that was doing me good, when I stopped eating those things. Also I am going to dramatically increase my iron and vitamin intake in my food. Tonight I am having a nice bloody steak, spinach and Guiness for dinner. I already eat a lot of protein so that can’t be the missing component.

I don’t think I will be able to colour my hair until it is strong again but hopefully I will be able to restore it to health over time and if I am lucky the hairdresser will make me feel a lot better about it by giving it a better shape, because long and straggly isn’t really a good look on anyone whose hair isn’t luxuriously thick.

Wish me luck. I hope to report feeling happier about it tomorrow.