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Brutality at the gym.

Holy Mother of God. Total Conditioning class at the gym last night was the most physically challenging experience I’ve ever had in my life. I was kidding myself if I thought that going on 10 mile walks and lifting a few dumbbells was achieving any significant level of fitness.

We lifted weights. We did 18 different kinds of squats, lunges and crunches, all while holding weights. I thought my heart was going to burst out of my chest. After the class, my legs were shaking so much that I had difficulty walking down the stairs to get to the changing rooms. When I made it, I sat in the changing room for several minutes until I was reasonably sure I wasn’t going to pass out. Then I slowly crept home, like an 80-year-old on an icy road. I ate a huge, protein-heavy chicken salad and fell asleep.

I feel as weak as a kitten today and I am doing nothing today but resting. I was supposed to go out with Harry but I don’t feel I have enough strength in my legs to walk around.

I am still eating very cleanly, I’m not starving hungry. If I want a mid morning or mid afternoon snack, I have one – usually a boiled egg or a couple of rice cakes with plenty of almond or peanut butter. I’m pretty sure I’m getting enough protein, I have protein every time I eat something. All the details of everything that I’m eating are on the Rising Heroes page of this blog, if you are interested. I keep meticulous records every day. I’m drinking at least 1 litre of water every day and I’m taking a multi-vitamin with iron as of right now.

Today is Day 15 of the new health regime, which is long enough to start seeing a difference. I’ve lost some weight. I’ve lost 6 pounds in total. Perhaps rather alarmingly, 5 pounds of that came off in three days. I weighed 163.6 pounds at the start of Day 1, a Tuesday, and by Friday morning of the same week I weighed only 158.6. My weight has been falling at a more moderate pace since then, with small fluctuations. I weighed in at 157.0 this morning, Day 15 (Tuesday again) and I would like to be down to 156 point something by Friday. My goal is only that of losing 1lb a week from now on, I would be happy with that.

My hair is still falling out in large amounts and I’m obviously not happy about it. I can’t see anything wrong with my diet but I might be over-exercising, maybe? I didn’t think I was overdoing it, last night’s class being an unpredictable exception, but I’m going to try to slow it down a bit and exercise on alternate days for a while instead of 7 days/week. I would be panicking right now if I hadn’t seen this before but it happened to me in 2011 when I was at exactly this stage of a quest to lose 33 lbs (which I eventually completed). At that point, I’d lost five pounds, so I was right at the beginning of the journey, and I was going out running every day. My hair was falling out so I slowed down the exercise regime and that seemed to fix it. So that’s why I’m going to cut back on exercise for a while until my body is behaving more normally, even though exercise is every bit as addictive as sugar and I want to be in the gym all the time. Wish me luck for hair recovery.

And that’s all today’s diet and fitness news.

Self Improvement

I dragged my sorry carcass along to my GP this morning, for today is the day that I ease back just a little bit on the household renovations and do some work on renovating myself instead.

I love my British National Health Service, can I just say that. I telephoned at 8.30 this morning and by 9.50 I was in front of a doctor. The doctor listened to me sympathetically and then offered me the full range of services that the NHS has to offer, which is considerable, from drugs (of course) to counselling to specialised post-traumatic community support. All I have to do is choose what I want. The prescription drugs are all but free, costing me about the price of a coffee and a sandwich from Starbucks, and the counselling and everything else that a person could need is totally free at the point of access, because I already paid for it when I paid my taxes.

So here is the plan.

  • Back pain (urgent). GP has provided anti-inflammatory drugs which I am encouraged to think will start working within a couple of hours, plus some strong painkillers to get me through the worst symptoms. I am grateful.
  • Mental anguish (acute). I am not going to turn down free drugs, am I. I said yes to this, knowing full well that it is most likely going to kill my sex drive and incline me to putting weight on. It still seemed like it was worth it. I will think about the post-traumatic community whatnot in due course.

These are my two most pressing problems. They both interfere with my ability to do my job and the second one is having a terrible effect on my general mood and my relationships, the Honcho must think I am completely nuts, he really sees the worst, most irrational side of me. Also I angrily snapped at the Hungarian boy for no reason and I thoroughly regret that and will now have to leave him alone for a long time to recover.

There is a third item on the list.

  • Hair loss. My hair is falling out in a big way. It seems clear to me that it is a stress reaction and therefore there’s nothing specifically hair-related that I can do to stop it, some sort of biochemical reaction has been set up that is making my scalp shed hair and I can’t fix that in the short term. My hair will stop shedding when it is ready and when I am in a better, less stressed condition. What I can do is make my hair look a bit better while it is going through this difficult period. I need to go and get it cut and coloured anyway (for I am not going to stop colouring it unless forced) so I will just tell my hairdresser about it and he will have to give me a very short cut that gives it as much shape as possible. Isabella Rossellini is older than I am, and she nearly always wears her hair short, and it looks great on her and very feminine. So I might take some pictures and see what my hairdresser thinks.

rossellini 3

And finally. Hopefully at this stage in the plan my back has stopped hurting, my mood has improved and I have a nice new haircut. This ought to help a lot with regard to getting me back in my exercise gear, back in the gym, the pool, etc. Then I can work off those annoying few extra pounds that I’m carrying around with me, and by about this time in September I should be glowing with self-satisfaction again, as one would hope.

1 Health point. I am having a Health point for all that. Fucking hell. Girls just wanna have fun.