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Right, I need to quickly review the status of TLYW, let’s do that now. I can use those handy Categories on the right there to assess my progress and pick up two or three Achievement points as necessary.


I’ve been doing well on this front. I’ve been to some exhibitions and seen some nice architecture that I have to tell you about. We’ll correct that situation very soon.

If gaming counts as Art then I spent much of the weekend playing World of Warcraft. I am loving the Pandaria expansion, it looks great. Beautiful scenery really counts for a lot with me, I want to feel like I’ve stepped in to a painting.


I’d forgotten we even had this category, how remiss of me. I am currently listening to the audio book of Can You Forgive Her? by epic 19th century novelist Anthony Trollope. I love his novels, so funny and full of gossip and human interest stories.


Meh. I scored one point for going to class. I really need to do some homework. Really need to.


I should mix some. I was thrilled when I was at a US airport recently and found that the duty free shop stocked Jack Daniels Honey Liqueur, which is unavailable in the UK.


Shocking progress. I went to about six classes in one week and then did not return. The state of my so called exercise regime is a disgrace.


Surprisingly I did take some action here recently and need to talk to my mortgage lender again as the next step. I also need to start budgeting like a serious grown up. I am going to start taking an interest in personal finance blogs, there might be a Flylady equivalent.


Not doing too badly. Seeing my sister. There’s a gift that I need to finish making for her, I need to block out some time to do that. Dates do not count as friends, ha ha.


I saw my dentist again recently and now my lower jaw has three new teeth screwed in nice and tight. So 1 Health point for that appointment. It was at 8.15 in the morning on a Saturday which is a killer if you were out all night and have not slept. Anyway. My dentist is not all that happy with me at the moment because I am not flossing all that religiously and I need to get back on it without delay. Gloria. I am talking to you.

Miscellaneous (code for ‘Dating’)

My goodness. I have really made a big effort lately to cut it out and stay at home more (this has merely resulted in a lot of Warcraft being played, to my dismay). Anyway, despite my cutting back I have still managed to go out once or twice and allow a couple of upcoming dates to appear in diary. News in brief as follows.

  • Blondie. This is our handsome, successful entrepreneur. He seems busy (I am okay with this, I am too). At first I thought he wasn’t into me but it seems like he is still interested so we are discussing dates and venues for a second date. I do like it when someone makes it to a second date.
  • I went on a first date with a guy who we will call Action Man. He is a very dynamic individual. Very sporty. It was a very well organised date. He chose a restaurant and booked a table there instead of meeting up and then vaguely going ‘I wonder if there are any pubs around’ which is what most people do. He’s quite talkative. Very strong personality. At the end of the night he kissed me with purpose. He’s just arrived on the internet dating scene. This date was a couple of days ago and we haven’t texted or messaged each other yet. I am sort of waiting to see what happens. He wasn’t in the least bit intimidated by me and this is quite rare. He was very confident. We’ll see. He might have dated several other people by now.

Other than that, I have one or two first dates lined up, as always. But my diary is less full than usual, which is a good thing.


I am looking for it. I really could do with dropping ten pounds if I am going to date sporty guys.

Reclaiming The Home

It’s not in awful shape. I scored 1 Housework point today.


You know why Salad gets its own category? Because that is what you are supposed to eat. Not Pot Noodles and the occasional onion bagel. Nil points.


Nil points because I fail to set aside time for it. I could do everything I want to do if I planned my time better. I am going to start having set nights for doing things.


Three points, must try harder.

Race training, 32 weeks in.

I have collected a few points here and there.  Went to my Chinese class. Went to see my sister. Went out for another run yesterday, I think I must have been running a bit faster than usual because I was panting and slightly nauseous by the end. Maybe I have developed a third speed of running without realising.

The Big Race is 12 weeks away and I am nervous because I’ve never done anything like that before. I don’t want to come last. I don’t want to look like a big fat lump as I jog sweatily around the track. I don’t want to have to walk any of it. Also, I don’t want to show up and find that I’ve failed to bring something vital along with me out of inexperience. So here is the plan.

  • Do the No-S diet with renewed vigour. I have not been particularly vigilant about staying away from snacks and sweets, also my interest in cocktails is very, very bad for my waistline. That needs to change. No more snacks, sweets or alcoholic treats except on the weekends. Absolutely no eating between meals, no scoffing ginger nuts at the office. I am very keen to drop several pounds of fat by the time this race comes round; I will look better and it will make running a lot easier.
  • Resume doing core strength exercises on days when I don’t run. I stopped because I strained my neck but I have got better running technique now, I don’t run with my shoulders up around my ears, so it is definitely time to resume doing crunches and squats at home.
  • Continue to run, obviously. I am getting near the end of the couch-to-5k programme now (I can hardly believe it!). My plan is: do Level 7 of the programme. Then do Level 8, this is where you run for 30 minutes without stopping. This is allegedly equivalent to 5k, but we’ll see about that, I am slow. Do that for a week or until I can complete 30 minutes without difficulty. Then start the RunningMate 10k programme. I should be able to invest several weeks in that before my 5k race comes around. If I know that I can run further than 5k, I will feel confident on race day.
  • Go to Regents Park several times before race day and see if I can scope out the route. I don’t know the park very well at all but that is easily remedied. When I can run for 30 consecutive minutes I will start going there to practise. I know where the race’s start point is so I will run for 30 minutes in all directions from that point. Then when I come to do the race the paths won’t be totally unfamiliar to me.
  • Finally, swot up on everything I need to know and take with me. There is quite a lot of information on the web about items you need for race days that wouldn’t have occurred to me. Eg, take identification with you! (This is so that someone else doesn’t take  your place.) Take safety pins for pinning on your bib. Take toilet roll as it always runs out straight away (a brilliant tip courtesy of Paula Radcliffe). And probably a bunch of other things that I haven’t thought of yet.

That is my plan for having a successful race. Also, while I am being organised, I am going to start doing Flylady’s housework routine again, doing everything on the right days. My house is not hard to keep clean these days and certain areas have had special attention lately because of Moth Wars but these moths are tricksy little buggers, they hide in any and every corner of the house that you leave undisturbed, so I am going to have to disturb everything on a regular basis. So it is back to the routine of doing my household tasks on the specified day.

Finally, I have nearly collected enough data from my spending diary to do a proper budget, that time has come. Scary. But ultimately not as scary as not having a budget.

Crikey. What a lot of things to do. TLYW certainly involves making a lot of effort.

Paging Allen Carr

Okay, not smoking is feeling bad. I am really stressed. I seem to lack motivation and it is making it a lot harder than I remember it being.

I now remember that a big factor in the last time I quit smoking – for a year, mind you – was the late, great Allen Carr. Although I can’t remember what motivated me to look him up in the first place, I do recall hanging on his every word. And that quitting smoking was completely painless and substantially over in about 2-3 days.

I found the book I used last time, still on my shelf. I’m re-reading it now. He did it before and he can do it again. He is the Flylady of smoking. Allen, I’m calling on you now. It’s your time.

17 weeks in, doing fabulously

Jolly good, all is well. I am pretty happy, which is highly unusual for me, although not so unusual just lately. Good!

I finally did some housework this weekend and I am having one Home point. i don’t know what caused me to stall like that but I did a couple of hours today and it is looking a lot better. Hopefully I can get back in the swing now. I did a bunch of 15-minute Room Rescues and followed Flylady’s advice to use a kitchen timer, which you take from room to room with you. At first I thought this was a bit unnecessary as you could just look at the time on your phone or the nearest clock but I have found that Flylady is right as usual. When I use a clock, I frequently check the clock and that is time I should be using to actually do the chores. With the kitchen timer, you just set it for 15 mins and get on with your task, knowing that its little bell will ring when it’s time to stop.

Other than that the weekend has been about crochet, doing a few errands and a certain amount of napping. Very good.

Checking in

Here we are again! Stoically pursuing The Life You Want by making ourselves do achievements.

I now realise why I am being a bit lazy and disorganised about doing the household chores. It is because over the last ten weeks, I’ve made some incredible gains in improving my life and my state of mind, and of course that has been most noticeable in the improved state of the house, what with nearly all the clutter gone now. So I’ve sort of thought “Hey! This is great! As long as I reasonably maintain what I’ve got now, I can kick back and relax!” But this kind of attitude will not help me reach my goal. My short term goal is to collect 100 points. The idea is to make 100 small but positive changes in my life and then step back and assess and enjoy how far I have come. 100. Not 25.

The good news is, I’m not being completely idle. The sink is shiny. The toilet has regularly met with the brush. I’ve dispatched a couple of loads of laundry & a couple of bags of rubbish. So I am doing stuff. I just seem to be a bit casual about doing them on the right day and making sure I don’t leave things out. So that situation needs to improve and I am not having any Home points for that. On the positive side, Flylady says “Even housework done imperfectly blesses your family”, which is quite right and a very cheering thought.

Oh, also I earned a Health point by doing my 40 minutes of walking yesterday 🙂

I have worn my new cardigan every day, including to work, and it is super, super warm. Outside it is snowing and I don’t even care.

And so we return to our Control Journal

Ah, I have been a poor student of Flylady since the bronchitis kicked in. I have been living on the profits of my clean and newly organised house. It cannot go on. I realised yesterday that I had left wet laundry in the washing machine for really quite a lot longer than is good for your clothes. This would not have happened if I had used my Control Journal, which not only tells me what days to do laundry, but even reminds me to hang up the last load of wet washing before going to bed.

This is why we have a routine, Gloria. So everything goes smoothly. So we do not have lightbulb moments when we realise something has been neglected. Take down the household control journal and do today’s chores right now.

Staying motivated

Last night, I worked late. I was at my desk until about 1am. Then up at 6.30 to travel to a distantly-located meeting. Home late tonight.

I so want to slack off. I am tired. I want to sit down and do nothing. But also I am achieving a bit of insight. If you do your routine each day, then you see progress and feel enthusiastic about doing it again the next day. If you do not do your household routines, here’s what will happen. Clutter will appear, and so will things that are in the wrong place. You will remember that you infinitely prefer sitting down and doing brain work over physically moving around the house. So that makes you not want to do it the next day, and in a couple of days your good work will be undone.

Routine is about forming a habit so you just clean & tidy without thinking about it, and it is also to preserve all of your good work. When you swish and swipe the bathrooms, you are taking out a kind of insurance against having to do an extreme bathroom cleaning session ever again. That last time you did it? It was the last time.

And that’s why I’m going to do a few chores right now.

1 Home point for keeping it up.