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Things are proceeding fairly well chez Gloria. I am being responsible and taking charge of some things.

I joyfully reunited with my hot periodontist who rebuilt one side of my face five years ago. I was so pleased to see him. He is much more pro-active than my other dentist and we really like each other. We had a workman-like discussion about what to do with the other side of my face. I feel no fear as I am a battle-hardened warrior now where dentistry is concerned. He is going to do about three episodes of gum cleaning to reduce the size of my pockets and then we are going to see about doing another sinus lift and putting in two more titanium implants. I had six last time, on the right side, so two on the left side does not make me break a sweat. It makes me laugh to think of how phobic I used to be of the dentist. The way I talk to him now, it is like getting the car serviced or building an extension on the house.

I gained a bunch of weight this month for no obvious reason, which I am v unhappy about, but I am dealing with it responsibly by cutting back on my food intake, esp carbs, and exercising every day (mix of outdoor walking, swimming and treadmill). If that doesn’t take care of it pretty rapidly, I will increase the amount of exercise until it starts working. In 2013 I used to go out for walks of 17km on a near daily basis and spare fat does not stand much of a chance against that kind of regime. So I am working back up to that.

I spent 90 minutes cleaning the kitchen today, which means I can cook, because while I am dieting I am also in the mood for thinking about meal planning and food preparation. I’ve just bought a fondue set, having wanted one my whole life and so I will soon make fondue with broccoli and cauliflower to dip in the cheese instead of bread. V excited.

On top of all this, I managed to finish a book, I’ve just read Every Day Is Mother’s Day, the first novel of Hilary Mantel (1985). It was very well-written and frequently funny but also rather dark and depressing so I shall not drag you through a long review. It was like shopping in a particularly bleak and wet corner of Britain on early-closing day.

I could collect a bunch of achievement points for all this but it wasn’t a huge effort so I shall wait until I’ve done something that required more effort, such as filling out paperwork for the mortgage and pensions guy.

In which I take on slightly too much, because it’s all I know how to do.

Crikey. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about myself, it is that I do better when I am busy. After thinking that I was going to have a nice, relaxing time, further to leaving the World’s Worst Company, my life is bursting at the seams with activity. I hardly know what to tackle next. Let’s have a quick roundup of non-work things.

  • Gym. I am in the gym regularly and although I’m not yet weighing myself, I can feel that I’m starting to lose some of the fat that I stacked on over Xmas. My pot belly will be the last thing to go and I am not ruling out liposuction if I can make time for it. Gym uses up a lot of time and, as we all know, you have to keep going several times a week if not every day, but it is well worth it.
  • Dentist. I am at the dentist aaaallllll the time. Fillings, cleaning, this and that. Periodontist on the 22nd.
  • Other beauty stuff. Hairdresser because my hair goes grey so fast. Laser hair clinic. I need to see my Botox man again, haven’t seen him since October.
  • Dating. I am very popular with boys at the moment, which is very welcome after being unmercifully dumped by someone I’d sustained a 14- or 15-month relationship with. I went on a date yesterday with an absolutely beautiful model who kissed me at the tube station. When I say model, I don’t mean some 50-year-old, silver-haired character actor, I mean an actual model.
  • Art and Culcha. So much of this. I saw the South Africa exhibition that is currently on at the British Museum and will blog about it separately. I am going out again over the coming weekend to hear more music.


  • Choir. Is this evening. Need to wash my hair and iron a dress because it’s a big social event of the week.
  • Friends. I have miraculously seen 4 of my long-suffering friends who have to wait two years in between meetings.
  • Housework. I can tell I am super busy because the house is getting out of control again even though I only cleaned it up last week. I still have not unpacked the boxes that I brought away with me from the World’s Worst Job and I seriously want to clean and renovate the back room, which is now my clothes room.
  • Gaming. I have done no video gaming for a solid week, even though I am desperate to get back into it. I am absolutely desperate to play Battlefield 1 and Resident Evil 7.


So there you go. The things on that list, as well as work, are merely the things I’m actually managing to do plus the most immediate priorities. We won’t even mention the second tier of priorities, such as playing other video games, reading, pursuing half a dozen other hobbies and trying to get back into learning Chinese.

I am getting enough sleep, so there’s that.

I am also quite serious about physical health.

Good, in fact Amazing.

I went to my gym again today, for the third time in five days. I did 65 minutes of brisk marching on the treadmill. When you add walking to and from the gym to that, I had 80 minutes of cardio today, which is quite good, isn’t it. I am fatter than I would like to be but I am not freaking out about it and I know from experience that if I simply keep going to the gym then I will lose my excess fat over about 3 months.

Regularly going to the gym also stops me from smoking, which is perhaps the major crime that I’ve ever committed against myself. So there we go. I am a non-smoking, regular gym-goer, which is great, isn’t it.


Not Good, in fact Dire.

Oh god, my teeth. What I really mean is oh god, my gums. I have periodontitis, which is an incurable but somewhat manageable condition. I have had it for years and as I am getting older it is getting quite bad, no matter what I do. I’m extremely self conscious about it, despite the amount of cosmetic dental work I’ve had. I find the appearance of my teeth and gums varies dramatically depending on which mirror I’m looking in and what the lighting is like. The mirror in my own bathroom plays cruel jokes on me and tells me that my teeth and gums look okay. But then quite a lot of other locations, like the mirror at the gym, for example, tell me that I have teeth and gums out of a horror movie.

I feel that my regular dentist is not taking my periodontitis seriously enough, maybe because he thinks I’m not taking it seriously enough. I have just emailed my super amazing periodontist who helped me with my gums and implants a few years ago and begged him to rescue me. On the agenda:

  • I have a sonic toothbrush, a newly purchased air flosser, I quit smoking and I use hyaluronic mouthwash and gel. Is there anything else I can be doing?
  • I am not really happy to hear my normal dentist’s opinion that we can’t do an implant on the left side of my face because there isn’t enough bone. Let’s do a bone graft then. That’s what we did on the right side. Let’s just do it. I’m not as interested in temporary solutions.
  • The bones in my face are gradually dissolving. What are we going to do to get this under control? I’m not stupid. If we don’t get it under control then eventually there won’t be enough bone even for traditional dentures, never mind implants. Meanwhile, I’m only 50, I could conceivably live quite a lot longer and I have to look presentable for business. What’s the plan? I don’t mind spending money on having my face reconstructed.

Misery. At least I am going to the gym, so there’s that.

The Last Few Days

Yesterday, my headache abated. Today it is back. I cannot avoid doing work today but I have some choice in the matter of what type of work I do. If I still feel ill tomorrow I’ll have to see a doctor. I would rather avoid this if possible because I don’t have any spare time.

Last night I cleaned the house for 3 or 4 hours. It actually feels more manageable now I’ve realised I don’t have to do it all in one go. I made reasonably good progress; changed the sheets, took a lot of rubbish out, cleaned most of the kitchen, bleached the kitchen bin.

Today I’m working on my own commercial business because it is Sunday and I am not contracted to work for the World’s Worst Company on Sundays. Tomorrow – dentist again. I’ve been ill for a week and that always makes my dental routine fall to pieces so my dentist is not going to be impressed with me at all.

Two more weeks of having to go to the WWC, assuming I can get well enough, otherwise I don’t know what happens.

I realised that the holiday that I need quite badly is four months away and by that time I either won’t need one or I will be on a business trip somewhere. So I am shelving the idea because it is too far away to be of any benefit to me. I decided to concentrate on Xmas in London and getting as much value out of it as possible. I just took delivery of a PlayStation. I am going to attempt to fix a monitor to a stand and set up the whole thing myself, so wish me luck with that.


Now I need to go and lie down for an hour and then attend to business.


Summer campaign for a better life.

Time to take action. My workload is gradually decreasing for the summer season and not a moment too soon, as I weigh 160lbs and I need get some exercise in, urgently.

I might need to resume using this blog to collect Achievement points for going to the gym and such, because I am now 30lb overweight and all of that is not going to come off by itself.

I can tell my life is getting easier because I went to the dentist today. Yay! My gums are in a horrible condition but at least my teeth are CLEAN.

Photos of London, because we haven’t had any for ages. Near the dentist’s office in Soho is this interesting shop that sells drawings and prints.


Let’s have a look in the window and you will see what I mean.



fashionable contrasts

After the dentist I did a couple of errands and then my face started to feel less numb and I was very hungry so I ended up in a pizza restaurant that I forgot the name of. It was opposite the Palace theatre. Inside the restaurant was really nice, so I took pictures.

pizza restaurant

Then I ate pizza, which is just what you should have when you are on a diet. I ordered a flavour of pizza called Sausages, Courgettes and Their Flowers. I am not sure whether the flowers were courgette flowers or a mix of courgette flowers and sausage flowers. Also, I’m not sure what a sausage flower is. It wasn’t the most obvious combination of pizza toppings but it tasted quite nice.

sausage flowers

And that’s all today’s news. Let’s have a tune in memory of Muhammed Ali. Rub a dub.

Dr. Alimantado: I Am The Greatest Says Muhammed Ali (1977)


Happy Birthday TLYW

We are 4 years old today. Thank you SO MUCH for coming on the big journey with me. So much love. Wish I could hand round actual cake.

4 today

The Brownie Points project is coming along well already. I can see that it is going to be instrumental in helping me to develop new interests. Last night, with one eye on the Artist badge, I took out my pack of pencils and spent the evening taking some lessons from an art book I’ve been reading, and now I have a few sketches. There we go, that’s better than spending all evening playing video games, isn’t it. If I manage to draw something that I wouldn’t be embarrassed to show all of you, then I will claim the Artist Badge and in the meantime I am having 1 Art point for making an effort.

I went to the dentist yet again today (1 Health point) which included having my teeth bleached. They look AMAZING and now I’m scared to eat or drink anything. I am going to the supermarket later to buy foods and beverages that are white, because that’s what I’m going to be living on over the weekend. Probably yogurt and chicken and rice and drinks of milk. God damn. You just don’t know how much I want a cup of tea. I am British, after all.