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Saraghina, la rumba!

It’s Friday evening at 7pm, and I have actually finished work, for a change. I am doing no work this weekend. The next several days are going to feature cute boys, arts & culture and exotic locations. Stay tuned for more news.

I would like to celebrate this situation with a clip from Fellini’s 1963 film 8 1/2.  There are many things one could say about this important film but I will be concise. One of the most memorable figures in the film is La Saraghina, a woman who lives in a hut on the beach. In exchange for a coin, she dances. She is – well, I will let you decide.

Saraghina, la rumba! La rumba!

Return to the naked beach.

I have been desperate for some beach. Trips to South Africa and Philadelphia in 2016 were amazing but were not holidays. The last time I saw a beach that I could actually lie on was when I went to Gran Canaria in early April 2015, when I was having my mid-life career crisis.

I blogged about Gran Canaria. The weather was nice, if not quite hot. There is a nude beach at Maspalomas, and I discovered the sublime joy of swimming and sunbathing without a costume. It was a relaxing break and I did some useful reading and thinking about business and my career.

That was two years ago. I have been desperate for some holiday because the two years in between then and now have been very hectic, in which I worked hundreds of hours of illegal and unpaid overtime for the World’s Worst Company. Now I’m out of that job and I am my own boss again. Business is doing okay. I control my time. Everything is fine.

That’s why I’ve just booked a quick four-day break in Gran Canaria again. I would really like a proper holiday, where I go somewhere new for several days, I personally think 10 days is a good amount of time. But I cannot book anything like that just yet because new business is incoming and work comes first. So I’ve just booked four days in a one-bedroom apartment near Maspalomas beach. It was the one of the cheaper holidays I’ve ever booked. The apartment complex sounds ideal for me, it has multiple swimming pools, is within reach of the beach and shops/restaurants yet at the same time is nestled in a hillside, slightly away from the sea front. Guests complained that it was ‘too quiet’ and ‘boring in the evenings’. That sounds absolutely perfect for me. Slightly out of the way, quiet and boring, and still not too far from the beach, you can see the distance in the photo below. There’s a little bus shuttle to the beach all day apparently, or you can walk, or it’s about 4 Euros in a taxi.

I can’t wait. Four days is a lot better than nothing, a lot better, and it is coming up in May so it’s quite soon. Hooray. I can organise a longer, more adventurous holiday later in the year if business continues well. Beach, here I come. I’ve waited for this for so long.

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