Here at TLYW we award ourselves achievement points for all the positive things we’ve managed to do. If you do something that helps to build the life you want, you get a point for it. Sometimes I’m amazed that I’ve managed to do 800 things as well as veg out and go to work.




  1. Engaged my brain & got stuck into Sculpture Since 1945: one session of concentrated reading.
  2. Signed up for a six-week course in sculpture. Actually making sculpture. Cannot wait.
  3. Learned about clay modelling & made a clay relief at sculpture class.
  4. Dedicated a Saturday evening to my art homework. Loving it. Art knowledge flooding back.
  5. Made a plaster cast of my clay relief and then went on a class trip to the museum.
  6. Finished relief sculpture, learned about stone carving, came up with plan for my big project.
  7. Purchased fish tank. Made a provisional sketch of a canyon out of clay and bits of rock.
  8. Went to sculpture class, made a bed of orange plaster inside tank, struggled with plaster structures.
  9. Dedicated the best part of Sunday to making rock formations out of synthetic green hair.
  10. Got up early one morning to line my kitchen with bin bags and apply plaster to my pretend rocks.
  11. Finished my fish tank sculpture & graduated from sculpture class. 😀
  12. Went to see the Miro exhibition at Tate Modern.
  13. Went to the Hepworth sculpture museum in Wakefield, Yorkshire.
  14. Went to the Postmodernism exhibition at the V&A.
  15. Saw a screening of L’Atalante at the British Film Institute.
  16. Attended a performance of Prokofiev’s incidental music by the London Philharmonic Orchestra.
  17. Visited the Indianapolis Museum of Art, including a Brian McCutcheon exhibition.
  18. Visited the National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi, where I saw the exhibition Company Paintings as well as Rebecca Horn’s exhibition Passage Through Light.
  19. Went to the October Gallery in London to view the exhibition Robert Beer: Visions of the Divine.
  20. Went to Istanbul Modern to view their collection and the exhibition Fifty Years of Urban Walls 
  21. Took the audio guided walking tour of Miami’s Art Deco District: Miami Design Preservation League
  22. Attended a Liszt concert at St Michael’s Church, Budapest.
  23. Attended the exhibition Openness & Integration: Contemporary Chinese Art at the Budapest Museum of Fine Arts.
  24. Attended the exhibition The British Art of Illustration 1837-2012, also Quentin Blake, at Chris Beetles Gallery, London.
  25. Attended the exhibition Everything Was Moving: Photography from the 60s and 70s at The Barbican, London.
  26. Attended the exhibition Portraying Life (Manet) at The Royal Academy, London.
  27. Attended the exhibition Modern American Life (George Bellows) at The Royal Academy, London.
  28. Attended the exhibition Genesis by Sebastião Salgado at the Natural History Museum, London.
  29. Saw the musical Matilda, produced by the Royal Shakespeare Company, at the Cambridge Theatre, London.
  30. Saw a screening of The King of Marvin Gardens at the British Film Institute.
  31. Saw the musical The Book of Mormon, by Parker & Stone, at the Prince of Wales Theatre, London.
  32. Attended the One Love reggae festival 2013.
  33. Attended the exhibition Kino/Film. Soviet Posters of the Silent Screen at GRAD: Gallery for Russian Arts and Design.
  34. Went to Shanghai Museum.
  35. Saw the exhibition A Dream I Dreamed (Kusama Yayoi) at MOCA Shanghai.
  36. Saw the exhibition Heaven, Earth and Man (various artists) at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre.
  37. Saw the exhibition Sculpting The Living World (Ju Ming) at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre.
  38. Saw the opera Lohengrin, performed by the Savonlinna Opera Festival in Hong Kong.
  39. Visited the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Santiago de Chile, various exhibitions.
  40. Attended the exhibition Comics Unmasked: Art & Anarchy in the UK at the British Library.
  41. I have a sketch book! Spent the evening learning new techniques.
  42. Learning to draw.
  43. As above.
  44. Went to the church of Saint-Ephrem in Paris to hear Elizaveta Frolova play the piano, also went to the Pompidou Centre.
  45. Attended the exhibition Giovanni Battista Moroni at the Royal Academy.
  46. Attended an exhibition of Lynda Benglis’s sculptures at the Hepworth Gallery, Wakefield.
  47. Attended three exhibitions (various artists) at Centro Atlántico de Arte Moderno in Gran Canaria.
  48. Visited the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.
  49. Visited the African American Museum in Philadelphia.
  50. Visited the South African National Gallery.
  51. Visited the District Six Museum in Cape Town.
  52. Saw the Abstract Expressionism exhibition at the Royal Academy in London.
  53. Saw the Robert Rauschenberg exhibition at Tate Modern.
  54. Visited the Africa section at the British Museum.
  55. Saw some dinosaurs and stuffed animals at the Natural History Museum, London.
  56. Saw Haydn’s The Creation performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra.
  57. Went to an exhibition of historic board games at the Museum of Childhood in London.
  58. Saw the exhibition South Africa: Art of the Nation at the British Museum.
  59. Philip Glass concert by the London Philharmonic Orchestra.
  60. Saw The Pirates of Penzance performed by the English National Opera.
  61. Rigoletto peformed by the English National Opera.
  62. Went to the cinema to see Trainspotting 2 by Danny Boyle.
  63. Stravinsky’s Firebird performed by Philharmonia Orchestra, London.
  64. Went to the exhibition After the Fall (American painting in the 1930s) at the Royal Academy.
  65. Went see Marc Almond in concert at the Roundhouse in Camden.
  66. Saw the exhibition Revolution: Russian Art 1917-1932 at the Royal Academy.



  1. The first hundred pages of Fortress Besieged, Qian Zhongshu.
  2. Pages 100-160
  3. I really must get on with Fortress Besieged. Instead, read Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, and liked it enough to write a review of it.
  4. OK, this is weird. I’m suddenly reading incredible amounts of books. Beryl Bainbridge, Graham Simsion.
  5. Lloyd Shepherd, Martin Amis, Ben Goldacre.
  6. I’ve just finished Lionel Asbo (Martin Amis).
  7. Really enjoyed The Scent of Lemon Leaves by Clara Sanchez.
  8. Filth by Irvine Welsh.
  9. Enduring Love by Ian McEwan.
  10. Learning to Swim by Sara Henry.
  11. The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.
  12. Dataclysm by Christian Rudder.
  13. Orlando by Virginia Woolf.
  14. The Great Mortality by John Kelly.
  15. Moby Dick by Herman Melville.
  16. Wasted by Marya Hornbacher.
  17. The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov.
  18. Fifty Writers on Fifty Shades, collection of essays edited by Lori Perkins & Sylvia Day.
  19. Writing Great Fiction: Storytelling Tips & Techniques, series of 24 lectures by James Hynes.
  20. Hotel Iris by Yoko Ogawa.
  21. The Woodlanders by Thomas Hardy.
  22. The Red and the Black by Stendhal.
  23. The Days of Abandonment by Elena Ferrante.
  24. Dolly by Susan Hill.
  25. The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides
  26. So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed by Jon Ronson
  27. How Stella Got Her Groove Back by Terry McMillan
  28. World War Z by Max Brooks
  29. The Stepford Wives by Ira Levin
  30. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey
  31. Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl
  32. The Portrait of a Lady by Henry James
  33. Ready For Anything by David Allen
  34. You’re Never Weird On The Internet by Felicia Day
  35. Death By Video Game by Simon Parkin
  36. Designing Brand Identity by Alina Wheeler
  37. High Rise by J G Ballard
  38. The Bear & The Nightingale by Katherine Arden.
  39. The Psychopath Factory, Tristam Adams

Chinese 中文


  1. Sat down for my first evening of home study in written Chinese. Very stimulating.
  2. Booked my place on a 10 week course of Chinese for Beginners language classes. Hooray!!
  3. Went to my first class. Wow. There is a lot to learn. I had better prepare to work really hard.
  4. Big homework session practising my pinyin recognition, and phonetic initials & finals.
  5. Big homework session learning my numbers and first ten words.
  6. Went to my second class. I am very, very glad I did my homework. This is challenging.
  7. Went to my third class. Wow. We are learning at speed. I am terrified of falling behind.
  8. Did a big lot of between-lessons swotting.
  9. Went to my fourth class and shone!  The more I study the more the classes make sense.
  10. Lots of Chinese homework over the weekend.
  11. Went to my fifth Chinese class. We are all competing hard to be the fastest learner. It is great.
  12. Masses of pronunciation practise. I can recognise 80 Chinese characters now.
  13. Went to my sixth class. We are a lean, mean, Chinese-learning machine.
  14. Even more Chinese homework. I am glad the Easter hols are coming up.
  15. Went to my seventh class. This week we learned how to talk about times and dates.
  16. Chinese homework. Character recognition. Getting to grips with radicals.
  17. Lots of Chinese homework, mainly character recognition. I can read well over 100 characters now.
  18. Swotting away. Trying to expand my vocabulary and keep all the characters distinct in my head.
  19. More homework. More time words, eg ‘this evening’, ‘tomorrow evening’, ‘every day’.
  20. Went to my eighth class, although it is really Session 9. I was out of town last week.
  21. Went to the final session of my beginners’ Chinese course. It has been great.
  22. Time to get back into Chinese. Booked my place on a course to refresh my skills.
  23. First lesson of my new Chinese course, spring 2012.
  24. Homework.
  25. Second lesson.
  26. Homework.
  27. More homework.
  28. Third lesson.
  29. Homework
  30. Fourth lesson
  31. Homework. Practise writing the first 30 characters.
  32. Homework.
  33. Homework.
  34. Homework. Phew.
  35. Went to class.
  36. Homework.
  37. Class.
  38. Class.
  39. Class. Note distinct lack of homework, lol.
  40. Homework.
  41. Make-up class
  42. Make-up class
  43. Homework
  44. Homework
  45. Homework
  46. Homework
  47. Class
  48. Class
  49. Homework
  50. Class
  51. Homework.
  52. Homework.
  53. Homework.
  54. Class
  55. Homework. The story of Dawei’s nupengyou.
  56. Homework.
  57. Homework. Recite the story of Dawei’s yisheng.
  58. Class.
  59. Class.
  60. Homework.
  61. Homework.
  62. Class.
  63. Absolutely ridiculous amounts of homework.
  64. Class.
  65. Homework.
  66. Homework.
  67. Class.
  68. Class.
  69. Class.
  70. Home study
  71. Home study, and set up a new blog, The Hanyu You Want!
  72. Home study, mainly characters.
  73. As above.
  74. As above. Today we learned the word for ‘ridicule’ or ‘mockery’.
  75. General home study.
  76. Use Mnemosyne to test vocabulary.
  77. Homework
  78. Homework
  79. New characters 9th April 2013.
  80. Picked up Chinese again 25 June 2013.
  81. Did some Chinese vocabulary and reading.



  • Became a member of Pineapple Studios and bought a pair of tap shoes.
  • Went to 3 tap classes.
  • Went to 1 hip hop class.
  • Went to 1 jazz class.
  • Went to 1 house class.
  • Dance all night: 3. Fuck yeah
  • Days and days of uncontrollable dancing, in every spare moment. I think it is because of endorphins because of daily gym.



  1. Sorted and filed a massive pile of post and bills.
  2. Demolished a mountain of old paperwork that made the first pile look small. Found valuable documents!
  3. Invested two hours in bringing domestic papers & finances up to date. Overcoming avoidance. Making an effort.
  4. Finally got all my accounts, insurance and other financial bobbins in an orderly condition. Ready to budget.
  5. Vigilantly kept a spending diary for one full week.
  6. Kept a spending diary for a second week.
  7. Kept a spending diary for a third week.
  8. Kept a spending diary for a fourth week.
  9. Took action on the mortgage. Oh yes I did.
  10. Big pile of bills and filing.
  11. Cancelled the Netflix and Lovefilm subscriptions.
  12. Cancelled all magazine subscriptions, three in total.
  13. Cancelled the TV licence and bought an Oyster card.
  14. Made a big mortgage payment.
  15. OMG. Spent the entire day scrutinising complicated legal and financial paperwork. Mortgages and insurance. Braced myself for roof and windows financial pain.
  16. Crunched a lot of prices on everyday household goods and converted to Poundland for everything non-grocery.
  17. Talked to a financial adviser about pensions and mortgages.
  18. Big pile of financial admin.
  19. Dealt with 12 weeks of mail, because I was getting a few days off work, Xmas 2015
  20. Tax. Enough said.
  21. More tax. 2015 and 2016 were very challenging from a tax perspective.
  22. Paid off a business loan and got my VAT return in early.
  23. Still dealing with the many challenges of British tax.
  24. More tax hurdles cleared.
  25. Mortgage and pensions paperwork. Jesus Christ.



  1. Called my sister and arranged to see her this week.
  2. Actually went to visit my sister, even though I was dog-tired & wanted to cancel. It was fun!
  3. Spent a delightful weekend as the house guest of my friend C.
  4. Finished making a gift in time to deliver it on the right date.
  5. Made arrangements to see my friend J who I fear may not recognise me, it’s been so long.
  6. Knit C a pair of socks! They are in the finishing basket & nearly ready to go in the post.
  7. Knit a jolly nice tea cosy for a co-worker. Admittedly, I could have better earned a Friends point by actually going out and socialising with people, but I need it so I am having it.
  8. Went to see Modern British Sculpture with J. This also could have been an Art point.
  9. Texted 3 people (!) to suggest getting together. L, J & M. I am seeing all of them imminently.
  10. Went to visit L and her baby. It was so nice to see them.
  11. Went out to dinner with M. We drank wine. It was fun
  12. J came over for dinner, unusual of me to invite anyone.
  13. Attended J’s party.
  14. Another delightful weekend as the house guest of my friend C.
  15. Out for tea and cake with M.
  16. Out for sushi and shopping with Je.
  17. Visited my sister and her family.
  18. Out for dinner with J.
  19. Visited L, baby B and husband T.
  20. As above.
  21. Yarn shopping and pub with S.
  22. Fun in Berlin with B.
  23. Finally completed and handed over L’s baby gift.
  24. Dinner with B.
  25. Dinner with J.
  26. Atheist Church! Lolz!
  27. Dinner with B. She looked tired and needed jollying along.
  28. Was sociable at a craft meetup.
  29. Went to visit L and family.
  30. Dinner with B.
  31. Visited D. Long time no see!
  32. Nice to see I&L.
  33. Nice to see L&T and their kids.
  34. Went to visit D and her boyfriend.
  35. Dinner with Klaus.
  36. Evening at D’s house.
  37. Went to Sweden to visit T.
  38. Went to Corfu with Klaus.
  39. Off to Yorkshire to visit C.
  40. Dinner with D.
  41. Another dinner with D.
  42. Went to see L&T and their kids.
  43. Dinner with Klaus.
  44. Visited my sister and her family.
  45. Visited my brother, his partner, their chubby little baby.
  46. Dinner with J.
  47. Annual trip to Yorkshire to see C.
  48. Went to the cinema with new friend H.
  49. Dinner with D.
  50. Visited by Klaus.
  51. Went to visit L&T.
  52. Dinner with B.
  53. Thanks to M for coming over. Grateful.
  54. Went to Comptoir Libanais  with one of my neglected friends.




  • Finally achieved goal weight of 133 lbs on 18 February 2014, after 2.5 years of trying.
  • Combined session of: 30 mins cardio, 30 mins weights. sessions.
  • General weight training, usually about 45 minutes: 41 sessions.
  • Fucking yoga: 2 sessions.
  • Brisk walking, minimum 40 minutes, up to 3 hours. Did this (actually a bit more than) 126 times.
  • Went outdoors for a learn-to-run-exercise session 31 times, including three Level 8 runs. This concludes the 5k-101 running programme.
  • General-purpose running, session of at least 30 minutes: 53 times.
  • Stepping on & off a step, hundreds of times: 3 sessions.
  • Strength exercises at home: thighs, arms, shoulders, bum, abs & stretch: 13 sessions.
  • General gym: cardio and/or strength exercises: sessions.
  • Group exercise class: 5 sessions.
  • Pilates: 1 session.
  • A 5k race!
  • A ten-day holiday in which I made fitness my first priority.
  • Swimming, at least 30 minutes: 62 sessions.
  1. Made an appointment with the dentist. Gulp.
  2. Went to the dentist and stuck around for a date with the hygienist. Committed myself to further dates with a gum specialist.
  3. Rid the house of cake. Cut right back on refined sugar consumption. Fresh veggies and fruit for meals.
  4. Finally visited the optician for an eye test and new specs. Long overdue.
  5. Went to see the gum specialist. Here we go. This is going to be a long and bloody ride
  6. Quit smoking. Abruptly ceasing to smoke was seriously annoying on Day 1 …
  7. … and Day 2 …
  8. … and Day 3. After that it was all right. In fact it was quite good.
  9. Went to the dentist and had a big molar taken out. Booked next appointment: it’s in ten days.
  10. Went to the dentist again. The extraction site has healed, so that’s good.
  11. Gave up coffee. Bye-bye coffee! (Wipes a tiny tear.) Go and be a companion to some smoker.
  12. Went to the periodontist, part 1 of 4. He was super impressed that I quit smoking & coffee. 😀
  13. Went to the periodontist, part 2 of 4. He is thoroughly cleaning under my ravaged gums.
  14. Periodontist, part 3 of 4. Nearly done with the gum-cleaning part of the work.
  15. Periodontist, part 4 of 4. All right! Now I get a break before we start really major surgery in a few months.
  16. Periodontist review meeting. I have healthy gums! Go me! Now we are ready to fix my teeth.
  17. Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow effects of laser whitening ‘may include tooth sensitivity’. Ow.
  18. Back to the dentist for some white fillings and gap-closing.
  19. More white fillings and gap-closing at the dentist’s.
  20. Wisdom tooth extracted. Ow. That was a big one.
  21. Two more teeth out. The back of my mouth, on the right, is completely flattened now, ready for bone grafting.
  22. Even more dentist. Fillings replaced.
  23. As above. That’s the last of the filling replacements. For now.
  24. Cyst removed from face. Ouch.
  25. Dental hygienist gave me a good cleaning.
  26. Sinus Lift. Oh god my face hurts.
  27. Metal posts positioned in lower jaw.
  28. Dental hygienist again.
  29. Metal posts positioned in upper jaw.
  30. More dentist.
  31. More dentist.
  32. Even more dentist at the start of 2013.
  33. New gym, new trainer. Running! Weight training!
  34. Dentist. Almost finished with the major building work now.
  35. Last 3 new teeth fitted. Major building work done.
  36. Went to GP.
  37. OMG. Made the dreaded and long-avoided phone call that is going to trigger Round 2 of Epic Dentistry.
  38. Dentist and teeth cleaning, first visit of 2014.
  39. Fillings at the dentist.
  40. Had a facial and a massage. Wished I hadn’t waited so long. Never had a facial before.
  41. Dentist.
  42. Dentist.
  43. Two more dentist’s appointments.
  44. Even more dentistry. I have very white teeth.
  45. Loads of general exercise in Gran Canaria.
  46. 30 lengths of the pool.
  47. Gym
  48. Gym
  49. More gym
  50. Swimming
  51. Dentist
  52. Dentist again. Bleaching.
  53. Finally back in the gym after a year away.
  54. Bit more gym.
  55. Dentistry.
  56. Dentist and gym on the same day, before 11am.

I really did not think I would ever see Health taking the lead.

Reclaiming the Home


  1. Gathered & deported the ex’s belongings from the home.
  2. Took down visible reminders of the ex from the walls in the living room.
  3. Began a housework routine: Monday for laundry, Tuesday for rubbish & bins.
  4. Restarted my routine this Monday, even though I could have slacked off after the weekend.
  5. Bravely performed intensive toilet-cleaning in the neglected smaller bathroom.
  6. Got the house looking extremely presentable for parents’ visit, without stress!
  7. Hanging on in there. Dusting. Picking up speed.
  8. Persisting with the routine. I hear it takes a month of daily repetitions to form a habit.
  9. Completely gutted the living room and purged it of all junk and indeed all its contents.
  10. Cleaned the empty living room. Cautiously reintroduced wanted items. Evicted the rest.
  11. Realise all this is good for your mood & mental health. Do a bunch of chores & decluttering.
  12. Organised the yarn stash & cleaned hall & bedroom yarn storage areas.
  13. Epic amounts of ‘putting away’. Non-clutter sorted & correctly stored. Moved furniture as necessary.
  14. Cleaned inside the fridge and chiselled 3 years of frightful sordidness off the microwave.
  15. Celebrated the first day of 2011 with three hours of dedicated housework.
  16. Celebrated the first day back at work with some conscientious evening cleaning.
  17. A worthy hour with my head under the sink, decluttering and scrubbing out cupboards.
  18. Got back on the housework wagon after falling off quite badly. Phew!
  19. A pretty impressive  five hours of cleaning gets the whole house up to par. My legs ache.
  20. Two and a half hours of cleaning, not bad for a week night.
  21. Defrosted the freezer.  It is now possible to fit food in there!
  22. Another big lot of late nite housework keeps the place in fairly good condition.
  23. A nearly unbelievable six hours of housework crammed into one evening.
  24. Moth Wars. Dedicated most of a four-day holiday weekend to textile bagging & intensive house cleaning.
  25. Emptied the wardrobes, pulled them away from the wall, cleaned behind them and on top of them. Cleaned the floor.  Cleaned the drawers. Cleaned all the coat hangers. Put the clothes back.
  26. Painted the kitchen floor. A great improvement, it was one of the worst bits of the house.
  27. A big lot of floor cleaning; laboriously extracted a shocking amount of hair, yarn and carpet fluff from the wheels of various chairs.
  28. General housework, lots of it, a full day’s worth.
  29. Cleaned up the house well enough to have a dinner guest.
  30. Just over 3 hours of housework; very virtuous for a Saturday afternoon.
  31. A reasonably good effort: a couple of hours of cleaning on a week night. House looking better.
  32. Almost 5 hours of housework plus 1 hour of grocery shopping. Epic. We are visitor-ready.
  33. Thoroughly clean the kitchen and fridge.
  34. Over two hours on laundry, changing the bed and picking up in the living room.
  35. A good three hours or so of pre-Xmas cleaning.
  36. Large amounts of housework, induced by romantic infatuation.
  37. Repainted the kitchen walls, skirting boards and door frames.
  38. About 4 hours of general housework and laundry.
  39. A three-hour burst of housework.
  40. Epic amounts of housework, probably at least five hours.
  41. Housework, floor cleaning, hand washing, tons of laundry, etc.
  42. Label all my shoe boxes, put away shoes and clothes.
  43. Major unpacking and living room tidying, put rubbish out.
  44. General housework.
  45. General housework.
  46. As above.
  47. As above.
  48. A whole day of pre Xmas housework. Sweaty.
  49. More pre Xmas housework.
  50. Pre-Marcel housework. Thorough.
  51. More pre-Marcel housework.
  52. General housework.
  53. Ditto.
  54. Ditto.
  55. Ditto.
  56. This is boring.
  57. But you have to keep doing it.
  58. I really let the bedroom and laundry get out of control for a while there but now it’s all OK.
  59. Sudden burst of possible-new-boyfriend housework, LOL.
  60. Woo, organising and decluttering like it’s 2010.
  61. Cleaning cleaning blah blah blah.
  62. New-man housework, always so thorough!
  63. God damn, my house is clean.
  64. Cleaned the house for a date that ultimately didn’t happen but never mind because clean house.
  65. Cleaned the house because, erm, no special reason 😉
  66. Piles of pre Xmas housework.
  67. Finally got the Xmas tree up, two minutes before Xmas.
  68. Cooked Xmas dinner.
  69. Living room and kitchen achieved an unnaturally clean state.
  70. Why has nobody invented a self-cleaning house.
  71. The bedroom looked like it belonged to students.
  72. That was an unexpectedly big burst of housework enthusiasm.
  73. More pre-travel housework.
  74. Lots of good work in the living room and hall.
  75. A huge burst of de-cluttering over one weekend. Masses of stuff packed ready for its eviction.
  76. More sorting, packing, labelling, warehouse visiting.
  77. A van comes to deliver furniture that I actually need and to remove a small mountain of stuff that I don’t need. As my flat becomes more like The Flat You Want, I begin to realise that apparently I only need three things: work and technology stuff; thousands of books; really a lot of yarn.
  78. The more cleaning and organising you do, the more there is to do. How does that work?! Spent the whole day working on the house and it was worse at the end than at the beginning.
  79. Still decluttering. Things dispatched from the house; old clothes; broken suitcase; useless shoe tree.
  80. I’m on a mission now to purge my house of crap. Today: old cardboard boxes.
  81. Several hours of ruthless purging and decluttering in the bathroom. Dismantling and cleaning storage units.
  82. Burst of cleaning that includes mopping the floors.
  83. Ordered a new cooker and new blinds.
  84. Vigorous housework and de-cluttering.
  85. As above.
  86. Attended a really horrible and financially scary meeting about the windows and roof, then dug through a load of house purchase paperwork.
  87. New cooker, and a great deal of associated housework, cleaning, decluttering, hauling boxes.
  88. Cleaned and organised my kitchen cupboards.
  89. Defrosted the fridge.
  90. Epic amounts of pre-date housework.
  91. De-cluttering and cleaning prior to windows replacement.
  92. More cleaning, kitchen organising and furniture moving following the windows replacement.
  93. Introduced new kitchen storage, cleaned tiles, de-junked utility room, touched up paintwork around light switches.
  94. Painted the kitchen floor.
  95. Final two windows replaced.
  96. Organised all my clothes.
  97. Cleaned up for Xmas 2015 even though I was working 80-90 hours/week.
  98. Cleaned up for Xmas 2016 even though still working 80-90 hours/week and experiencing acute health problems.
  99. Cleaning the house at 4am.
  100. More epic cleaning, not easy given the exhaustion and work schedule.
  101. Even more housework.
  102. Repainted the kitchen floor.
  103. Organised the bathroom and bedroom.
  104. Cleaning the house at 4am again takes real commitment and dedication.


  1. Had a sewing lesson & came home with fabric and a book of techniques!
  2. Took a deep breath and ordered a sewing machine.
  3. Started and finished my first ever sewing project! It is a success! A beautiful needle case.
  4. Overcame scissor fright & began my second project: doll’s clothes. Debut outfit nearly finished!
  5. Finished the debut doll’s costume! Summer top and shorts. No stopping me now.
  6. Sewed two delightful spring dresses for Clara’s doll.
  7. Dedicated most of one Sunday to sewing. Learned to make bias tape. Learned to do backstitch.
  8. Another Sunday of patient if inept sewing.
  9. Friday off work: begin to sew a button bag for Clara.
  10. Learned how to make button holes; change the foot on the sewing machine; change the needle; use interfacing.
  11. Completed my project: a bag for Clara with button-on flowers. To my surprise, the end result was gorgeous, successfully masking my utter lack of sewing skill.
  12. Finished off that green doll’s dress and wrapped the doll and its clothes into a Christmas parcel.

Total Points



It took me exactly three years to earn the first 500 points. My new goal is to get to 1,000.

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