My arms do not hurt and that is a problem.

OK, so as you can probably imagine, I have had terribly aching thighs since I went crazy and did 50 squats the day before yesterday. Ouch. However, I’ve now done 2 days of arms and upper body work, first with Cindy Whitmarsh and then with Judith Sherman-Wolin and I can’t feel a thing. It’s not good enough. These 1.5kg weights are obviously not challenging enough. My next set of dumbbells weigh 2.5kg each, so I will try the Judith Sherman-Wolin workout again, doing 3 sets of 12 reps, and see if that pushes me harder. Should do. I can’t see that failing to cause me a few problems.

For those who don’t know Judith, I am referring to the author of Smart Girls Do Dumbbells and I am following her 30-day programme, except I’m about to do Day 1 a second time. Then I will probably need to go for a lie down, then make dinner consisting of chicken breast and more leafy green veg, then do some more work.

smart bells

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