Strength training starts today.

Well, here we are then. I can’t put it off any longer. I love going out for my 10-mile walks and after only a few days of this my calf muscles are like rock and my thighs are starting to follow. I’m also burning off a lot of calories. However, I need to work my core and the upper half of my body if I want to look good all over and today is where it needs to begin. I am about to go out for a walk of only 1 hour instead of 3+ hours, then when I come back I will put together a strength routine that I can do regularly involving squats and using the dumbbells, etc. Oh god, it’s going to be hard work. Wish me luck. I will report back when I have designed and implemented the new routine, in a few hours.

My breakfast: spring greens, tatsoi, carrots, cherries, peanut butter, coconut yogurt, honey.

Sexy footballers training on Hampstead Heath yesterday. These guys were doing burpees in public. If they can do that, I can do a few squats in the privacy of my home.


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