Squats, arms.

OK, I think I have to build up my strength workout incrementally. After I came back from my walk, I did 50 squats. On the one hand, I was pleased with this, on the other hand, at the end of it my legs were so weak and wobbly that I could not do any lunges.

Then I did 10 minutes of dumbbell work on my biceps, triceps, shoulders and back, using weights of 1.5kg each, as directed by Cindy Whitmarsh, she of DVD and YouTube fame. I always do really well at bicep curls and hammer curls and I am okay at triceps but then I cannot do push-ups to save my life. This really needs a lot more work and I will pay attention to it until I can do push-ups properly because it is just embarrassing.

That is all. Now I’m going to take my shaking, sweaty body into the shower and then eat lunch, probably consisting of a green smoothie and a boiled egg.

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