Kew Gardens

I went to Kew Gardens with Harry because we are dating now and we go out and do things around London. Here are some photos of the gardens.

Tree House

kew tree house

The Japanese Garden

The Palm House

The Hive

Other Gardeny Things Around Kew

It was a very sweet date. We’ve had 9 dates now.

I am enjoying getting to know him. We talk a lot as we walk around London and look at plants and suchlike. I can’t quite believe it is going so well. Usually at this point, fatal flaws would have started to appear, but no. We draw close to one another. He’s funny and very clever and he’s affectionate. He’s free from cynicism. He seems to have no hang-ups. I really like him.

My house remains in a spotless condition. This relationship is certainly proving to be good for raising standards of housework chez Gloria as I am cleaning twice a week.

I am wearing a lot of dresses. I am fatter than usual and I am slightly panicking about it but of course not taking enough action except for buying a NutriBullet, of which more another time. Harry and I went to visit my gym together, for a look round and to see about guest memberships for him. I really need him to encourage me into responsible behaviour because otherwise I will die at my own hand. I am profligate and I smoke too much and I don’t go to the gym enough. Harry is more careful about money than I am, disapproves of smoking, approves of going to the gym and thinks getting some exercise makes for a nice date. I kind of want him to save me from myself before I have an early heart attack. This is a lot of responsibility for a 24-year-old, on the other hand I am reminded of a former friend, Salim, who did much the same thing. He had a bit of a wild side, recreationally speaking and had all sorts of bad, unhealthy habits that were destined to kill him. In his late 40s he realised the kinds of risks he was taking with his health and promptly married an Eastern European girl who was half his age, whom he credits with cleaning up his lifestyle and extending his life. So. I think it’s not uncommon for a certain type of man to take a young wife for these types of reasons.

The other day I wanted to chat to Fyodor but I could not hang around online because Harry was expected at my house. I said to Fyodor, “I feel like I am cheating on him because I really love you”. “Haha, yes you are cheating”, he replied, and then “I want you to stay”. But I did not stay. He had to wait until the following evening for more attention. If this relationship with Harry continues on its current trajectory, I could see the day arriving when I tell Fyodor that I don’t have the emotional spoons for him any more, and that will be something, as his beauty eclipses any other beauty I’ve ever seen.

I will report more news as it happens.

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