In which I overdo everything, as usual.

I don’t know the meaning of restraint.

I have been good for nothing today, my whole body aches. From the waist down I am as a stiff as a board from going out marching around London at a brisk pace that I have evidently become unused to. Then from the neck up everything aches because I cannot find a comfortable sitting position for using the PlayStation, plus I think my headphones are too tight.

I am a creaky, immobile lump of fail and have slept much of the day. At this point I am going to give up ambitions of extracting anything useful out of the day and watch a couple of movies. Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow because I need to get back in the gym. I think I am getting older. Feeling healthy on any given day is no longer something I can take for granted, I have to earn it. Don’t smoke. Exercise, but not too much. Blah blah blah.

I’ll write a review later if I see any good films. I think I have time for a double- and maybe a triple-bill.


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