Trainspotting 2

Whew, I’m almost caught up on the blogging. The last thing I need to tell you about right now is that I went to the cinema! I hardly ever do this unless it is something special. I went to see Trainspotting 2, here’s the trailer.

It was really amazing. The original Trainspotting was in 1996 and I went to see it when it came out. It goes without saying that it was a huge landmark in British and Scottish cinema. Coincidentally, in 1996, I was the same age as both the characters and the actors. It is a film about many things: drugs, poverty, music, despair and, most of all, being young. Then twenty years elapsed. Danny Boyle reassembled his cast and simply picked up the story of their lives, 20 years later. In the meantime, I’d been busy getting on with my own life. The actors aged up. The characters aged up. And then there they all were. Renton, Spud, Sick Boy, Francis Begbie. Large as life and completely themselves, just 20 years older, just like me. It was really emotional! There were lots of references to the original film, of course. Remember when Tommy died? Me too!! I remember it like it was yesterday. Oh god. It really packed an emotional punch. Begbie has been in prison for 20 years. Spud is still on the skag. Sick Boy is a pinch-faced pimp, extortionist and pub landlord. Renton is getting a divorce.

Even if you didn’t see the first film when it came out and aren’t going to have this amazing experience of greeting people – your friends, your youth – who you haven’t seen in 20 years, it is still a completely wonderful film. Danny Boyle has gone from strength to strength. The directing is incredibly visual and creative, the soundtrack is moving, the story is nail-biting.

I loved it. I wanted to cry. How we grow old. My date had seen the original Trainspotting but only quite recently. He couldn’t go and see it when it came out because he was four.

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