Cold, Day 8. In which I go back to work.

Terrible. My sinuses are still thoroughly and unremittingly blocked but today is the first day that I don’t feel like I was kicked in the head by a donkey. So I can go back to work. I can’t go to meetings right away but I can deal with my emails, task manager and diary. I should think. I had to cancel my Sunday date with the hot model because I am not going to have an unblocked nose by then.

While this week has been a bit shit, we like to look on the bright side here at TLYW. So when I wasn’t asleep I managed to do some reading and video gaming, both very important.

I am reading a famous horror novel from the 1970s, which I will blog about separately when I have finished it. It is hilarious. I cannot believe how much people used to drink in the 1970s. The main characters are this affluent, respectable, young married couple who live in Manhattan and have a tasteful apartment and respectable jobs. And they are absolutely sozzled all the time. They both drink Scotch and Martinis at any hour of the day, even in the morning, they don’t question why they have hangovers, and the husband is even drunk in the courtroom while a case is in progress concerning his child. His wife notices and thinks nothing of it. Anyway, I will review this important book another time.

On the video gaming front – I am more or less attempting to make 2017 The Year of Gaming, which coincides with my transition from PC to PS4 and Xbox platforms. January was about Far Cry: Primal which was about running around in prehistoric times, wearing a bear skin while spearing woolly mammoths and clubbing members of rival tribes.

For a while my diary was so full that I feared there wouldn’t be a game for February. But now there is one, thanks to my cold. I liked the sunshine and outdoorsy scenery of Far Cry: Primal so I stuck with the prehistoric theme and started playing ARK: Survival Evolved. I will give this a review nearer the end of the month. It has beaches, forests and sunshine, all of which are nice. It has dinosaurs. A raptor attacked my house. If you look on Google images  you will see that players of this game have managed to build huge, glittering palaces, a bit like Minecraft. I have not built a glittering palace. I have managed to build a rickety wooden tower with a drunken-looking fence awkwardly surrounding it. Shut up. It was dark and I had a cold.

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