Choir / The Creation

I joined my local community choir! One of the most fun things that I used to do at my horrible job that I continue to have nightmares about(!!) involved making people sing and I wanted to keep singing in my life. So that’s why I put on a big dress and trotted along to a church hall that’s not very far from my house, so I could join in rehearsals.

It was exciting! They are a proper choir. They have a musical director and are divided into sections according to type of voice. I am definitely not a soprano. I sang with the altos but next week I am going to try singing tenor. I didn’t know women could sing tenor and this information blew my mind.

They sing two concerts each year. There’s a Xmas carol one which I suppose was predictable and then there’s a summer one that they are rehearsing for now that includes this song, arranged for a choir.

I haven’t seen the film or the stage show but it is fun to sing. I don’t think we’ll be dressing up in those costumes. I should hope not.

The Lion King: Circle of Life (live version)

Then on Saturday evening I went out. I am all about quality of life after being imprisoned in that miserable, punishing job for a year and a half. So that’s why I went to the Royal Festival Hall to see and hear the London Philharmonic Orchestra perform The Creation by Haydn (1798). The conductor was Sir Roger Norrington, a jolly and gentle man who addressed the audience as intimately as though he had a few guests in his living-room, reading out a review of The Creation that was written by a man who attended the original performance in 1800.


The concert also featured Lucy Crowe (soprano), Thomas Hobbs (tenor), Christopher Maltman (baritoneand the London Philharmonic Choir.

There’s no official video yet so here are a couple of minutes of The Creation as performed by the London Symphony Orchestra a few years ago: almost the same thing.

They don’t let you take photos during the performance, but here are a few that I managed to take on the way there and while waiting for the performance to begin. It was really amazing and the best night out I’ve had in the last 18 months, absolutely no question. There will be more music on this blog over the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned, music-lovers.





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