I am really serious about mental health.

My life is in a state of flux, as it often is. I have left behind that awful, miserable job (I have had nightmares about it since I left), and that’s obviously a good thing but also it was supplying me with a lot of social interaction and love because I was being hero-worshipped by 200 clients and that’s enough to boost anyone’s dopamine levels. That’s gone now.

Other things that I have traditionally relied on to boost dopamine: (1) romantic love – which I am missing terribly and could weep for if I let myself and (2) smoking this and that, which I am not doing any more because my lungs and teeth are not coping with it.

I am rather inspired by my friend who has had the most dreadful time recently. She lives alone like me and has recovered from a hip replacement with almost no help and is breaking up with her boyfriend of 10 years, which is a miserable experience for anyone, even when the fucker needs to go (I never liked him). Despite these gigantic challenges, she is as upright and future-facing as I’ve ever seen her and so how can I do anything but follow her example.

I now have the great luxury and privilege of only working one job and I know from experience that my business succeeds when I am happy and confident, so that’s an easy formula, isn’t it. It’s not rocket science.

This means I have TIME outside of work, which seems like a magnificent luxury after 1.5 years of working two full-time jobs. Here’s what I am doing with my glorious TIME that is designed to meet my social needs, keep my brain awake and keep lots of dopamine pumping around my system.

  • I went to the GYM on Friday morning! Seriously!!! I amaze myself sometimes. I walked right in there, all my stuff was still in my locker, just like I’d never been away. I went for a swim. At 6.30am. I am going to attempt to do that again tomorrow. It’s a time of day when the pool is not crowded.
  • I am going to go out ALL the time and see EVERYTHING around London. Everything. This is one of the greatest cities in the world, if not the greatest, and I am going to industriously see all of it. I even joined MeetUp so I can go and do more things and meet people.
  • I just plucked up my courage and emailed my neighbourhood community choir and told them I want to join, if they will have me, and I am coming to rehearsals on Thursday.

I am still video gaming and I am still doing some online dating but I am going to make a priority of doing activities that involve going outside and having relationships with people that aren’t based on casual sex, or indeed unfulfilled romantic pipe dreams.

Are you impressed? I am. I am a mental health warrior.

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