I am done with the World’s Worst Company. I am no longer on the payroll.

I went to a final couple of meetings yesterday, filled out a couple of forms, handed back my keys and walked out into the dark, stormy, winter’s night. By the time I got home, it was snowing.

In the evening I had my second date with this young dude who has stylish hair and loves video games and it went well. He’s very sweet and affectionate. I think we have something going on. He has a long way to go to outstrip the person who I wasn’t supposed to be in love with, but then we’ve only had 2 dates, while I built up 15 months of history with the first guy. So we keep moving forward. I will date Stylish Hair for a while, and we will see what happens. He seems emotionally uncomplicated and his interest in me is straightforward.

My hall is full of cardboard boxes, 9 of them. Full of shoes and all my office stuff.

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