4am. The last day.

Housework. Doing the housework at 4am.

Went for my penultimate day at the World’s Worst Company yesterday. Arrived home feeling much more tired than I expected. Went for a ‘nap’ at 7.45pm. Woke up at midnight. Awesome.

So now I’m cleaning the house because that’s what I was supposed to do this evening, before I fell asleep. Tomorrow I have a second date with one of my Xmas presents that the internet sent me. He is a gamer and has nice hair.

I think things are over between me and the Scandinavian scientist, we still regard each other kindly but for the six months (or whatever) that we knew each other, I worked at the WWC with all that that entailed, including terrible health and endless hacking coughs and flu and I think he understandably grew tired of it. Predictably, I’m in much better health now I’m not working 80-90 hours/week but it is too late for him to benefit from it so that’s why I’m dating new people.

Today is my official last day at the WWC. Thank god for that. My plan is to finish the housework by 6am, get ready for work at a leisurely pace, go to work, attend meeting, talk to HR. Come home and maybe have time for a nap before my date.

Tomorrow, Friday, all my stuff is being delivered to my house from the office, such as my large collection of shoes.

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