The 10th Day of Xmas: in which I resume work

It was a day of three parts, after the console gaming bonanza of the last several days.

Morning: Do not switch on the Playstation. Use the daylight to do some creative activities involving a collection of coloured pencils that I rarely have the chance to use. That was nice, it was satisfying. I did that until about 2pm.

Afternoon: Starting to get dark. Time for some Far Cry Primal on the Playstation.

Evening: I am starting to think that I should be more worried about the fact that I still have to do 78 items of World’s Worst Company paperwork – the items take up to 15 minutes each. So I do some work. I reduce the paper mountain from 78 items down to 60 items. I shall attempt to complete these 60 items over the next 3 days, then I will be ahead of schedule, where I like to be.

While I was organising my work, I looked at my diary for the weeks immediately preceding Xmas and I was both disturbed and amazed by the schedule I was managing to keep up. I’m really surprised I wasn’t more unhealthy.

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