The 8th Day of Xmas: Holidaying like a professional.

Last week I remarked that the first day of holiday is always a bit weird because I am still in work mode. That takes a few days to evaporate.

I am happy to report that I have now fully mastered the art of being on holiday.

  • Get up at 1pm and don’t bother opening the curtains, it’ll be dark soon anyway.
  • Immediately switch on console.
  • Get coffee and Pot Noodle and bring to console.

I have sent messages to all the dating guys informing them that all future communications are cancelled as of now because I need to invest my time elsewhere due to urgent priorities.

I am glad I have a well-stocked fruit bowl. A couple of days ago I wondered if I’d eat all the fruit but now I see that I need that next to my Playstation and we are good to go for the next several hours.

Right, I must get back to it. I’m playing a little bit of ARK: Survival Evolved (2015) just in case I am missing anything really fantastic in the way of landscapes and dinosaur-taming, then I’ll probably go back to Far Cry Primal for a while, or for six months.

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