Xmas Day

Dinner. I cooked. I totally screwed up the gravy by making it with vegetable water that had too much salt in it but no matter. I am going to regard the whole thing as a practice run and cook the same meal again probably tomorrow or the next day.


Movie. I’ve never seen any of the Harry Potter movies (or read the books) because it seemed a bit twee but also seemed like something I should know about, so I watched Harry Potter 1. It was okay and I liked the star-studded cast and the Quidditch scenes were quite fun but then I lost interest in the problems of these stupid children about 40 minutes before the end and became distracted by gaming. First movie of this Xmas holiday where I haven’t made it to the end. Kids, just what you don’t want at Xmas:


Gaming. I made a start on Dark Souls. Man, I need more practise using the console, there was a lot of button mashing and not much skilled fighting.


Dating. Dating is going great! I have a third first date lined up for today and a fourth one for the 28th. A lot of very switched-on Millennials out there who all want to tell me what games I should be playing.

Other. After I grew tired of being constantly killed in Dark Souls I went into the kitchen and iced a cake. The supermarket sent me one without icing on it, so I iced it myself at about 1am.

Happy Boxing Day, everyone! I need to clean up the kitchen, then clean up myself. Busy, busy.

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