The Third Day of Xmas

Dinner. Ocean pie with salad. Xmas groceries arriving tomorrow!


Movie. I watched Independence Day (1996) and then Independence Day: Resurgence (2016). That’s 4.5 hours of alien invasions altogether. The original film is typical 90s sci-fi, in the sense that it is all about spectacular visual effects,  with no deep, underlying message or complex character development. Resurgence is much the same. it was critically panned and people complained that it was silly and had no story but what do you expect? It has massive aliens in it, and space ships, so there is plenty to look at. It is certainly silly but that’s allowed. Some of it was set in London and that always scores points with me.


Actual Date. I had my date with the American boy, wow, he was great. He is very smart and Serious, while being built like an American football player. He is very big and sturdy, solid, strong and muscular. Would probably survive an alien invasion without much difficulty. Survived a date with me without much difficulty. I hope he comes back, I would like to see him again. We played with the Playstation. That’s not a metaphor, we actually played with the Playstation.

Gaming. Today’s game was Firewatch (2016). I am too tired to write much about it just now but the critics liked it and said it was a more intelligent game than most. You play a guy whose wife has died so he goes to a national park in Colorado and takes a job as a firewatchman. Once he’s there all by himself, mysterious things start to happen.


Right, I must go to bed. More Xmas tomorrow. Yay!!

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