Christmas Eve

Social Life. I had another first date, the second one in two days. He was an economist with an interest in science. He stopped writing a paper about China so he could spend time with me. He wasn’t as glamorous as yesterday’s date but he was still interesting. We had a nice chat for about 3 hours, then I sent him away because I needed to attend an important dinner date with myself.

Dinner. Tomato soup. Date and ginger sourdough bread. Wensleydale cheese with cranberries. I photographed the meal but the image file is corrupt so here are the supermarket shots instead.

Movie. Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World by acclaimed documentary film-maker Werner Herzog (2016). I am watching it right now, it’s fascinating. It’s divided into numerous chapters in which Herzog meets a variety of people who experience digital culture in different ways. He visits a rehabilitation centre for internet ‘addicts’ and talks to young patients as well as the owner. He talks to a family who received brutal and inexplicable hate mail when their daughter died in a car accident. They seem to be religious and Mum has decided that the internet is sent direct from hell to channel human evil. Their surviving teenage kids look defeated. He visits scientists to learn about solar flares and their potential to shut down all our communication systems, with resulting earthly calamities. When we connect things to the internet, observes one wise boffin, we also make them reliant on the internet. Do we still have systems for living if the internet shuts down? How is this going to affect food supply? How about medicine? Without connectivity, you can’t get to the supermarket and the supermarket can’t get supplies or staff. Now what? Recommended.


Gaming. I finally got around to playing Dead Rising on the PC, a mere 10 years after its release. In 2017 we will game a lot more and make a priority of it so as to catch up.


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