Today I have adulted.

I have taken action on my mortgage and pension today, even though it is Xmas. It is obviously very important stuff so that I can afford to have nice Xmasses when I am old(er) and thus is an act of self-care. So I tried to convince myself that it was a Xmas treat, having time to deal with the kind of paperwork that generates more economic stability. It has taken until 5.30pm. In any case, it wouldn’t have been a peaceful day as my neighbours downstairs are having their bathroom ripped out and rebuilt from scratch, with accompanying racket. And they had the gall to mention that I was a bit loud having sex on ONE occasion, when their builder has been hammering and drilling for days and days, right at Xmas.

Anyway. Things I have now dealt with:

  • Most of the mortgage and pensions paperwork. Not much to go.
  • Xmas and birthday cards have been sent.
  • Xmas presents organised for nieces and nephews (Amazon gift cards, Amazon to the rescue once again) .
  • Commercial client generously said I didn’t need to do any more work on the project, even though I generously offered to. Yay for being professional!
  • Beauty clinic, GP, post office.

I am now done for the day and it is time to begin the evening’s festivities, which means dinner and a movie and probably more gaming. I will report back later.

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