The Second Day of Xmas

Dinner at home. Food pictures nearly always look disgusting no matter how you photograph them. I had the same as yesterday except with chicken instead of fish cakes. Despite not being a photogenic meal, was delicious.


Movie. I watched David Brent: Life On The Road (2016). I had been waiting for ages to see this! It is a good movie if you are a fan of the Brent character. It’s not a very ambitious film and is just more of the same in the sense of Brent being awkward and making everyone feel uncomfortable but if you love Gervais/Brent then it is very funny. Brent forms a band composed of himself and some session musicians and they go on a self-funded ‘tour’ of 15 hotels and pubs in about a 10-mile radius of Slough. Then he goes back to his office job.


Social Life. Looks like I have a first date with an American boy tomorrow. I think he is a City banker. Thanks, internet! That took less than an hour to arrange.

General Interests. I managed to actually knit for an hour or so this evening, for the first time in about 2 years. I found a sweater that I was making. Maybe I can finish it.

Gaming. World of Warcraft. Right now. It’s still only 11.30pm.



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