Xmas regime

Annnnnd ……………. relax.

The first day of any holiday is always a bit weird because I am still in work mode and have long since forgotten how to relax. I almost started doing some more work on that commercial project just now because I thought of more things I could do to it. Then I stopped myself.

Let’s make a better to-do list that doesn’t involve work, because XMAS IS HERE.

  1. Find someone to complete the Technology Assembly Quest for me. Finish building the stand, attach monitor, etc. I will attempt it myself if I have to but I would rather not. Needs somebody with stronger wrists to bolt things together.
  2. Send Xmas cards. If I post them today, they might get there in time.
  3. Local errands. GP. Drycleaner. Mail sorting office. Beauty clinic (laser hair), I think that’s tomorrow.
  4. Quick burst of housework to keep the house in shape, about half an hour should do it.

And not forgetting the very important Xmas daily routine, as follows, this is the regime for the next 2 weeks.

  • Go outdoors and move around. I am even going to attempt to visit my gym this side of Xmas and see if I still have a locker and what’s in there.
  • Eat 1 decent meal that is not a Pot Noodle or corn flakes.
  • Consume some Xmas entertainment, eg watch one of the movies I’ve been saving for holiday time, play a video game, read a book or do something creative. This plus resting is the main point of the Xmas holiday for me, as I have waited a whole year for some leisure time.

Hooray! It hasn’t sunk in yet that I am on holiday but I think it soon will.

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