Technology Assembly Quest

Difficulty level: Hard. This is a group quest.

So this is actually a quest chain, as follows:

  • Build stand
  • Fix monitor to stand
  • Connect Playstation to monitor and get both working

It is a group quest because I try to avoid building large items of furniture myself, esp where there are large pieces of metal and glass involved.

Today I am actually working on the Commercial Client Quest but then my neighbour from downstairs knocked at the door, mainly to give me some post that he’d carried upstairs and to inform me that I am quite loud when I am having sex. I laughed. Then I yanked him inside by the throat and made him start building the stand for me. Here we go! Technology Assembly Quest has commenced!


After a while the neighbour had to go because he has a life to attend to but he says he is coming back tomorrow to build the rest of it. Hopefully he will return. If he doesn’t, I have two other people who are making promises to build this thing for me and I don’t mind if more than one person has to work on it as long as the project keeps moving forward.

Outstanding quests that we are still aiming to complete by or certainly by the end of Xmas:

  • Technology assembly quest (Playstation)
  • Commercial client quest
  • World’s Worst Company paper mountain quest

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