Simple Pleasures

Hooray, my grocery delivery arrived right on time. There is food in my kitchen for the first time in probably 6 months. I just ate a meal (cheese, crackers, tomatoes) that was at home, prepared by me and eaten off a plate and not out of a carton. It really feels like a new beginning. I am excited to eat at home over Christmas, using food that I already have in the kitchen instead of getting Deliveroo to send me yet another last-minute curry because I didn’t have time to shop or for that matter wash dishes.

When I cleaned the kitchen the other day, I even went as far as to clean out the freezer, the previous time was about 2 years ago. So the freezer became empty and that’s why I’ve just been able to stock it up with a variety of frozen vegetables, fish fingers, frozen chicken and such.

Right, I must get on with some work. Today I am working on the Demanding Commercial Client quest. Christmas is nearly here, isn’t it. I’m still attempting to hit all my deadlines. My Playstation is still in the box. I feel we should have a Xmas tune, check this out. Funky as you like. Lordy lordy.

The Soul Saints Orchestra: Santa’s Got A Bag Of Soul (1994)

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