Reply All.


I am at my desk, making a dent in that massive pile of paperwork that I have to do for the World’s Worst Company. I am well aware that one of the reasons it is so massive is because I am new and more experienced persons in that industry have many, many techniques for reducing their own workloads, including dumping as much as possible on newer staff.

Imagine my amusement when one of my colleagues tried to email the Terminator just now and accidentally emailed the whole company.

In his email he vigorously blamed all his colleagues for being lazy, workshy freeloaders. He singled out one person in particular for biting criticism. He was most entertaining on the subject of why the business is failing.

Then he sent a second email to everyone in which he panicked and tried to retract the first one.

That really cheered me up! I once hit ‘Reply All’ by mistake, in another situation unrelated to this company, but there is no need to recall that embarrassing incident as I am too busy laughing at this guy. The poor man. I love it when shit like that happens. I sent him a message of commiseration. Funny. Fairly cheered me up when I’m at my desk at 1am. Everyone’s going to really hate him now. I don’t care either way because he is right and anyway I am leaving.

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