Amazon Fresh

That’s enough work for tonight, it is 3am. I have managed to reduce the pile of WWC paperwork to only 103 items, a significant improvement.

I want to say how much I am loving Amazon Fresh. I am a new customer and I am loving it. It only arrived in London six months ago, making me a somewhat early adopter.

I have run out of food here. I am way too busy to go out for more. If I did go out, I would end up at Waitrose because it is much nearer my house than any other supermarket, which counts for a lot when you are carrying groceries home on foot. Waitrose is notoriously expensive and has benefited from the fact that I can’t travel to shop for groceries as I choose not to have a car (you really don’t need one in London).

Of course, I could have used another supermarket to place orders online, such as Tesco or Asda but I feel like I don’t really know their products and I don’t want to be tied to an online system where I can only order from one store at a time whose product range I don’t know well.

Here’s how Amazon Fresh has changed my grocery shopping and how it earns its subscription fee:

  • I’ve just ordered over 40 items of groceries, which came to exactly £40, the amount needed to qualify for free delivery. The same basket of groceries from Waitrose would have been £60-80. That’s how membership of Amazon Fresh has just paid for itself with one grocery order. I only need to do that once a month and my costs are covered. This may prevent me from going to Waitrose again and that will really save me a lot of money over time.
  • All the groceries were selected from the handy-dandy £1-and-under range, a nice feature of Amazon Fresh that is not found at Waitrose, either in store or online.
  • I have long been an admirer of the great prices at Morrisons. Amazon has a deal with Morrisons and at least half my order has just come from there without tying me to Morrisons exclusively.
  • Amazon delivery guys carry items all the way up two flights of stairs to my flat as part of the service.
  • The best part – the groceries are coming TODAY. Yes folks, it is same-day delivery. Check it out. I placed the order at 3am and my delivery is coming at 6pm. Waitrose online would have made me book a delivery slot 2 or 3 days in advance which is totally useless when you have run out of food now, not 2-3 days from now. Perfect. I love it.

All I have to do is not starve before 6pm and then a huge basket of effectively half-price groceries will arrive.

Shopping habits Changed. Goodbye, Waitrose. Well done, Amazon and Morrisons.


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