Clean House Quest: Mission Accomplished.

Bedroom, last night. If that duvet cover looks like it was recently ironed, it’s because it was. The first time I’ve ironed an item of bedding in my entire life.


We are done. I have cleaned the Entire House. That was a truly epic quest and it took several days of work, as you know. But I have managed to get the house clean for Xmas.

I keep noticing small things here and there that could stand to be cleaned, like dirty finger marks on some of the doors and light switches, but this is in stark contrast to the situation this time last week where the things that stood out were the things that weren’t covered in a thick layer of dust. I would say that my house now meets British standards of cleanliness. If someone from the council came round, they would not pronounce that it had to be demolished or burnt down.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot . Although you can’t see it, there’s a new mattress on the bed. My old mattress was rotten and disgusting and beyond cleaning. A full 18 months ago, way back in June 2015, I bought a new mattress from IKEA which arrived tightly rolled up. I then became way too busy to do anything about it and the new mattress lay on my living room floor in its packaging for 18 long months, while I continued to sleep on the rank old mattress.

This week – I finally sorted it out. At long last. I finally had the time and money at the same moment, this was what I’d been waiting for. I swapped the mattresses, single-handed, even though the first one weighed about four tons and was very difficult to manoeuvre. Then I put the plastic cover from the new mattress on to the old one. Then I hired two men and their van to take the old mattress away. So you see, cleaning the bedroom was quite an epic quest in its own right, involving hauling giant mattresses around and breaking all my nails.

Things that are still outstanding re Reclaiming The Home:

  • My microwave didn’t arrive yesterday. Amazon says it is ‘lost in transit’. I will have to wait. I am glad I didn’t throw out the old one already, as you can probably imagine.
  • One of the windows has jammed in my bedroom so I will have to pay someone to come out and repair it. The mechanism has broken and the window is stuck so that it’s slightly ajar. I’m going to contact the same company that installed the window in the first place and see if they can fix it. Really annoying. Need to get it done before winter arrives properly and it starts snowing.

It’s such a relief to finally have the time and money to pay attention to my living conditions. This is so much better than it was. Living in squalor while working 85 or 90 hours a week was not good for my mood. Cleaning up my house has been quite expensive when you take into account mattress removal, some new bedding and truckloads of cleaning materials, but the improvement to my state of mind is immeasurable.

So. The house is cleaned and we can move on to the next thing, not a moment too soon as it is already 17 December. Outstanding tasks:

  • finish the project for my commercial client
  • do 160 items of paperwork for the World’s Worst Company
  • tax return, cripes, I almost forgot about that
  • as it is very nearly Xmas and I want to play with my Playstation, build a stand, attach monitor, hook up monitor to Playstation. I am right now negotiating with Leroy, my boyfriend from two Christmasses ago, to see if I can get him over here to screw the stand and monitor together.

Product of the week: the Flash Power Mop. I had all sorts of stubborn stains on my laminate floors and this achieved the best results I’ve seen and that I think are possible outside of using a steam cleaner.


2 thoughts on “Clean House Quest: Mission Accomplished.”

  1. Wow really proud of you. I’m enthused to finish off my house – similarly 18 months since mum moved in and parts of what I have left to myself are still ‘overstuffed’. Too much stuff in too little space never did anyone’s mood any good


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