The Clean House Quest: Bathroom

OK, I have to stop now, I’m exhausted. The larger bathroom is almost done. The floor is still quite dirty and the mirror and door need cleaning and all my make-up brushes need cleaning but other than that we are done with the bathroom. It is the most organised it’s ever been, I should have taken a Before shot.

I collected two whole shopping bags of stuff from around the house that belonged in the bathroom, eg body lotion, lip balm, spare toothbrushes, sanpro, you get the picture. Then I filled up a rubbish bag with the same volume again of rubbish – out of date vitamins from 2012, dried up mascaras, empty bottles of this and that. That’s why the bathroom looks better now than it has done in quite some time. I will leave you to imagine the before shot based on what my living room looked like yesterday.

My bathroom. That bucket with the rubber gloves does not belong there but hey I haven’t finished cleaning the floor yet. I went crazy on Amazon and ordered a new mop.


Tomorrow I have to go out and work for my demanding client. Next chance for housework is Friday day-time and my deadline for all of this housework is Friday evening because that’s when the Scandinavian scientist is coming over to attempt to resurrect the relationship. So that’s why the bedroom and smaller bathroom need to look better than these photos here, and why the kitchen floor needs to dry so I can put back the bin, etc.

My stinky, derelict bedroom. This needs to be clean, feminine and reasonably seductive by Friday evening.


Smaller bathroom which has the shower in it. I am glad you can’t see more of this bathroom because I am telling you, it is bad. The entire shower is covered in limescale and I’m not actually sure how to get it off. The floor has a thick layer of dust and several pairs of underwear that should be in the laundry basket.


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