It was probably that monkey that trashed my house.

Progress. The blanket and the baboon are new additions that I brought back from South Africa in August.


At least 50% of the paper lying around was stuff pertaining to the World’s Worst Company, which I was glad to chuck. Space has also been created by the simple and expedient method of Moving Stuff Into Other Rooms, with the result that the rest of the flat is now even worse than it was.

I need to decide right nao whether I’m having a Xmas tree. On the one hand, it takes time to set up, and time is something I don’t have a lot of, still. On the other hand, if I’m not having one then I have 3 crates of Xmas decorations that have to be crammed back into the so-called ‘spare room’ which is overflowing with business equipment, suitcases, outdated technology, a lot of clothes and some laundry.

I think I will have a coffee and then decide. I know, I am not supposed to drink coffee but come on.

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