In which I get a glimpse of what my life will soon be like.

Now I’ve realised I cannot possibly get all the World’s Worst Company paperwork done before Xmas, I have stopped trying and life has improved a lot. In fact, when they started making noises yesterday about even more repetitive and bureaucratic work that in their minds is urgent, mostly data entry that could be done by chimpanzees if you had a few dozen of them and the company software wasn’t permanently and irrevocably broken, I deliberately slowed down. Well done, guys. You’ve just ensured that the original behemoth of paperwork that I was sweating blood trying to get done before 21 December is now going to take me right up to the close of play on 12 January because I am not willing to take on any more of your shit. I am through with you. Finito. If you give me any more hassle, I will drop this first task as well. I don’t need your money and I don’t owe you any goodwill.

SO. My house is slowly improving. There is still very much to do and I might have to pull another all-nighter, however:

  • I have found all the spare parts for the Xbox.
  • Microsoft Office is installing itself on my laptop.
  • I have freed up as much space as I can in the back room.

I am now having brunch at 2.30pm and the next big priority is the kitchen because (a) I need to wash all of the dishes and (b) the fridge smells funny even though it’s almost empty and (c) I am ready to paint the kitchen floor again, which means no going into the kitchen for at least a day afterwards.

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