Trifle / Tech

I slept for 3 days in the end, including until 5pm on Monday. Having lost 3 days out of a tight schedule, I’m now behind on everything. I am realising that I no longer have enough days to get everything done that I hoped to accomplish by Xmas. At the same time, I am determined not to give up on my dream of an at least somewhat clean and restful Xmas, so that’s why I’m cleaning my house at four in the morning. The odds are now very stacked against me getting everything done in time for my Xmas holiday.

It’s now early in the morning on Tuesday 13 December, which gives me 8 days to do the following, as you can see, the numbers don’t add up:

  • 4 days of commercial work for the demanding client
  • 5 rather full days of obligatory paperwork for the World’s Worst Company
  • tax return, needs another half a day
  • cleaning the house, there’s 3 months of neglect to clean up so a minimum of 1.5 days

That’s 11 days of Stuff and only 8 days to do it in. In the worst-case scenario, some of the WWC work runs over into Xmas but I would really like to avoid this, as you can probably imagine.

My PC is making a noise like a washing machine. I am talking to PC Specialist, it needs to go back to get repaired again. Preparedness! The new ROG laptop is here and is downloading 40gb of World of Warcraft while I am cleaning. So when my PC dies I have a go-to machine that is ready to use and will not ruin my Xmas gaming plans.

The Xbox is working. The Playstation is still in its box, I am waiting for one of my male friends to come over and assemble a stand with a monitor, etc, so that’s why I have to clean up as a matter of priority.

My printer is broken (how we love broken technology) but I have efficiently emailed a London based company about getting that repaired as well. So as long as the Playstation and the new monitor work, everything will be okay.

At least my scanner works, even if the printer doesn’t, so here’s some trifle. I don’t know why I bought this magazine as I don’t cook and don’t take much interest in food. To my knowledge, I’ve never bought a food magazine before. But look at that trifle on the front cover. It has profiteroles (the kind with cream but without chocolate), oranges, clementines, amaretti biscuits, and obviously vanilla custard and meringue. I absolutely LOVE trifle and now I’ve blown a load of money on buying the recipe, I suppose I’ll have to make it. The only part I’m not sure about is how I will get the top of the meringue to go brown but I dare say we can improvise something using the oven.


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