Poundland Haul

I love Poundland. It’s only the second or third time I’ve been because I don’t have time to do any shopping that isn’t delivered, although that said, I’ve just realised that they have started a delivery service at last. Anyway, I was at the dentist again this morning, for the 6th time in as many weeks, and Poundland was opposite. Here’s my haul.

Christmas decorations, £1 each. All I have to do now is clean my house so I can decorate.

Personal care items. Box of 12 Durex condoms for £1! Win! Price at my nearest supermarket, £10. That’s 90% off.

Washing up liquid. Two of these bottles for £1. That’s 1,350ml for £1. My local supermarket’s own brand of washing up liquid: 500ml for 56p, equivalent to 893ml for £1. So I’ve just scored 457ml of washing up liquid – nearly a whole bottle of the supermarket’s own brand – free of charge.

More household cleaning essentials. Two pairs of rubber gloves. Poundland: £1. My local supermarket’s own brand: £3. That’s two-thirds off. Spray with bleach. Poundland: £1 for 450ml. My local supermarket’s nearest equivalent: £1.50 for 500ml. Almost one-third off.

Food. Cadbury Mini Rolls. Poundland price, 12.5p per roll. Local supermarket price, 22.9p per roll. Almost half price. Heinz mayonnaise. Poundland: 490g for £1 – just over 20p per 100g. Supermarket: 25.6p for 100g, even with a half-price offer applied. Poundland’s normal price is better than the supermarket’s half price.

Make-up. Even hard-to-please beauty editors like Poundland’s make-up range. All these items are £1, obviously. I bought two foundations because I mix it myself on the back of my hand to get the right shade, so I always have at least one dark one and one light one. Recently I have been wearing a mix of Rimmel and Clarins (I realise this makes no sense from a branding point of view, but they happen to be two shades that work on my skin when blended). Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation, 30ml: £7.99. Clarins Everlasting Foundation, 30ml, £27.00. I don’t know what I was thinking buying Clarins foundation and I don’t remember buying it, it might have been when I was at an airport. Two packs of Poundland foundation: £2. Two packs of the foundation I normally wear, aggregated across two  brands: £35.

I usually wear Clinique powder at £25 for 10g. Clarins and Estee Lauder are similar prices. Poundland: £1 for 12g. That said, powder needs to be in a nice compact so you can use it when you are out. Cheap stuff like this comes in a plastic box and isn’t transferable into a better compact that you could take out of your handbag in public.

Mascara – I don’t usually spend a lot on mascara, usually Maybelline, where you will pay about £8 for 9ml, or about 89p per ml. Poundland: £1 for 8ml, or about 12.5p per ml.

Cheap reading glasses, I have dozens of these because I like being able to find my glasses. I have two or three pairs in every handbag and crucial location around the home. Would be about £7 per pair in my local supermarket. Poundland: £1.

And finally some random stuff because that’s what Poundland is about. Plates! Nice ones! £1 each. Furry ball that you for some reason attach to your handbag and that I intend to use for my keys: £1.

Total: £31. Best buy, not counting make-up, the price of which is a law unto itself: 12 Durex condoms for £1, a 90% discount on the same size pack and same brand at my supermarket.

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