Recovery Time

As is so often the case, there’s the weekend you had planned and then there’s the weekend you actually get. What I got was two days of sleep. Now I’m (probably temporarily) awake, I can feel about a 50% drop in anxiety, which had been responsible for giving me three weeks of tension headaches.

As a result of sleeping all day again I have not made any progress on the housework and I am 1 day behind schedule on my latest commercial project HOWEVER, having only 1 full time job to manage is a whole lot better than having two full time jobs.

I really want to get my flat into an orderly condition. I want a clean environment. I switched on the Xbox, which I have barely touched in a year, to see if it still works. It does, but the battery has gone on the controller so now I have to find a piece of cable which is going to be around somewhere. This type of thing is why it is going to take several days to prepare The Xmas You Want for launch on 21 December. When we get there, I will be really happy.

Let’s have a choon. Soup Dragons covering the Rolling Stones.

Soup Dragons: I’m Free (1991)

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