What I Wore: 22 Dresses of Fall 2016

Yesterday was the last big day at the World’s Worst Company. By ‘big day’ I mean that I put on a flamboyant dress, get on a stage and address a large audience, at 9am and again at 3pm.

It was very emotional. I delivered two excellent performances. I am so good with large audiences. We had Mozart and Mendelssohn. My audiences, who have come to know me over three months, couldn’t get enough of me. At the end of the second performance, an actual queue formed of people who wanted to hug me. I must have hugged 20, maybe 30, people. It was incredible. I am a junkie for love and that was amazing, that was like an assault of love. It nearly knocked me off my feet. I cried. People told me I’d changed their lives.

So. It’s (almost) all over. Two more days of meetings, tomorrow and Friday, and then I’m on the payroll but not on the premises until 12 January, then I’m off the payroll as well.

I can probably best convey the fun parts of this job, which were totally amazing fun, by showing you what I wore. So here are my 12 favourite dresses that I wore this season, over the last 12 weeks, for the benefit and delight of all. Nearly all the dresses in this category are from lindybop.co.uk. They are very affordable and yes you do totally need gigantic tulle petticoats to make those skirts stand out.

12-favourite-dresses-of-2016And here are a further 10 honourable mentions, almost all by Phase Eight. All these dresses made me feel great and I was thrilled to have the opportunity to wear them. It might be the first time in my life that I felt like I actually had enough clothes.


As you can see, I looked the business for 12 weeks. It was an orgy of dresses and Dresses are what I am now known for, that and being bloody brilliant at my job.

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