My Life.

  • I only have to go and do my regularly scheduled work at the World’s Worst Company five more times. After that I can work almost exclusively from home, wrapping up a pile of outstanding admin that I don’t need to be on the premises for.
  • The Person who I’m not really supposed to love and who is emotionally erratic is vaguely hanging around me in a way that suggests they are more than usually scared of me but still can’t quite leave me alone. Plus ca change.
  • My commercial business is doing great. I am doing some work right now with a client who I know well. I like her a lot but she is very demanding and assertive and takes no prisoners. There’s another agency working on the job as well and right now she is punishing them while I am teacher’s pet, which is a very happy situation for me, if not for them.
  • I am preparing to get my life back. I am learning all about being Frugal, which is a massive thing in the UK at the moment, so I am taking notes and learning about how to get the best deals from supermarkets. Tonight I am going to do a bit more work on cleaning my house.
  • My headache has temporarily abated again.

Everything is basically okay, when is the last time you heard me say that? Everything is going to be fine. Five more long, long days at the WWC then I am once again fully in control of my diary and my life, which are the same thing.

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