Xmas 2016

I am about to spend Xmas in London. It will be the third time I’ve done this, so I should be getting good at it by now. I am focusing on it now because it is something to look forward to, especially as I am leaving my job at the World’s Worst Company and it doesn’t look like the Person who has been sporadically lighting up my life for the last year or so is coming with me.

I just had a look at the last 2 Xmasses, as reviewed on the blog. 2014 was slightly better than 2015, because I had more time to play with. This meant that when my precious Xmas holiday started, this being the only time of year when it’s easy to get time off work, the house was already clean and I was all set. In 2015 I still wasn’t ready when Xmas started happening, which was slightly less good.

So for that reason I am going to work towards the 2014 model. I still have time to do this. I just looked at my diary and I am starting the XMAS HOLIDAY 2016 on Weds 21st December. That means everything needs to be done by then, not forgetting my festive Xmas tax bills and other such urgent stuff.

The house is filthy and will take days to clean but at least now there’s a schedule. I cancelled the Scandinavian scientist until further notice because I was too busy at work but I will let him back in my life when I’ve left my derelict job and cleaned up my derelict flat.

Brace yourselves, then, for another The Xmas You Want campaign. I have:

  • started a new Trello board dedicated to it, so I can organise it and make sure that all business is taken care of and I can have all the rest I need without leftover housework or unexpected work-related surprises (inasmuch as they can be avoided)
  • ordered the Xmas food from the supermarket one month in advance because I am ORGANISED and that’s how I snagged a prime delivery slot on Xmas eve.

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