In which I spend far too long thinking about where one could go on holiday at Xmas.

Not as simple as you might think.

  • Jamaica. Good winter temperatures, shortish flights and nice beaches, but way, way over-priced. Shocking. I should have gone in the 1990s. The all inclusive resorts look a bit annoying, I don’t necessarily need flashing disco lights and Bob Marley all day long so much as I need peace and quiet, good catering and wifi.
  • Belize. Good temperatures and reasonable flights but not that easy finding an excellent business hotel that also has a private beach.
  • Chennai! Formerly Madras. I thought this was going to be PERFECT. Great temperatures in December and January, the Intercontinental looks well equipped and is reasonably priced. I thought I had cracked it, then I looked at flight times. Those are long flights and I can’t do that long in economy, which would mean waiting for a business trip to India to come up. Premium flights make the flight part too expensive.

I am starting to give up. I looked at Qatar and they have some good hotels there, the Middle East is a relatively short flight from London, I quite like it as a single female traveller, you can get reasonable deals on hotels, however – the temperatures don’t really get to swimming-in-the-sea levels in Qatar until March and I need some hot weather.

So my new plan is this. Celebrate Christmas in London, I know lots about how to do that, I’ve done it before and had a great time. Then go to Qatar, probably Doha, in March or April when the weather heats up.

Look at that. That’s where I should go, isn’t it. When the spring comes. Should have done that last time I went away in the spring instead of going to Spain.


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