Counting down.

It’s Saturday and I was able to sleep in until 5.30 am, so you can tell it’s the weekend. During the week I get up at 4am just to get everything done.

I have to go to the World’s Worst Company 12 more times, spread over 4 weeks.

If they wanted to make life difficult for me, they could insist that I am contractually obliged to work there until the end of January but so far nobody has done this, which is extremely sensible of them. I think, apart from the Terminator, quite a lot of people are scared of me.

I get to see the Person who I’m not supposed to be in love with a maximum of 6 more times in whatever official capacity, then our professional relationship is concluded and there will be a new beginning or else not.

I told the Scandinavian scientist that our relationship is over until Xmas because if I don’t have time to eat, sleep or open the post then I certainly don’t have any time for socialising. He dealt with it okay.

I weigh 147 pounds which isn’t bad and am still losing.

It’s now 7am, I am answering work related emails and I am already annoyed. Let’s have some Ice T. Pop-pop-pop-pop-pop goes the nine.

Ice-T: Ain’t New Ta This

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