Friday night.

Fun fun fun. Still sick with a disgusting cold. Get home from work completely wiped out. Stare into middle distance. Eventually realise I should go to bed. Switch off computer. Switch on phone to set alarm for the morning. Find messages from accountant. Switch computer back on. Do tax return.

Things which are good in my life, let me count them.

  • A sort-of job opening has been posted at my work. It is only 20% of a job really, equivalent to 1 day/week but it would make my working week 20% less annoying. I glanced over the job and person description at the office today when it was distributed around the company. It was written for me. There isn’t anyone else who works there who fits that description. It has blatantly got my name all over it. I should be very happy about this and in some ways I am. Guess I’ll be magicking up some extra time to fill out even more forms, then.
  • I am still seeing the scientist, at least technically. It is a Relationship, even though I’ve been sick for 2 weeks and he’s been out of the UK for the best part of 3 weeks so we haven’t seen each other.
  • In a cruel irony, the Person who I am not supposed to be in love with, who is most definitely not in any remotely official Relationship with me, is regularly a feature of my environment and I even magically become less sick when he is around. I love him, I really do. It is a sweet thing. I feel like Dolly Parton.

Sing with me. The multi-coloured moods of love are like his satin wings.

Dolly Parton: Love Is Like A Butterfly

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